Where Can I Learn More About ADO.NET and the .NET Framework?

  • To learn more about DataDirect Connect for .NET, visit this page.
  • To learn more about the .NET framework, visit this page.
  • For information about the .NET Framework as well as downloads, see the MSDN Library.
  • For information on how different companies are using the .NET Framework, see the Microsoft Case Studies page.
  • For information about how to perform common tasks, including data access tasks such as using database transactions and connection pooling, see the Common Tasks Quick Start.
  • To see an example of a Web service implemented with .NET, see the TerraServer USA page, which exposes map and aerial photograph information, courtesy of the Microsoft TerraService project. The TerraServer USA project exposed additional information such as schools and homes for sale in the area of a selected photograph; however, many of those links are no longer maintained.
  • Read "Microsoft ADO.NET" by Dave Sceppa.

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