Track Google Analytics UTM parameters

With the JavaScript SDK you can track Google Analytics custom campaigns out-of-the-box. To do so, you just need to initialize the SDK client with the trackUtmParameters set to true. For more information about Google Analytics campaigns, see Custom campaigns.

By default, when enabled, this property monitors the URL query string for the loaded page using the property for the custom UTM parameters. Such parameters are: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content, and utm_campaign. Next, an interaction is sent with the query string as the object and Participate in campaign as predicate. For more information, see Location search property.

For example, if you have the UTM parameters tracking enabled on your website and you visit, the JavaScript SDK client will post the following interaction to Sitefinity Insight:

You can modify the predicate and metadata sent by initializing the SDK client using the following object:

As a result, the sentence that the JavaScript SDK sends to Sitefinity Insight is the following:

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