Configure contact properties

With contact profiles in Sitefinity Insight, you get a complete overview about each known contact's background and behavioral data in the form of scores the contact accumulated and interactions they completed.

When you open a contact profile, on top you see a predefined set of personal details the contact has supplied you with or the system gathered about the contact, for example, email address or name.

You configure contact properties in Administration » Data center dashboard » Contact properties.

You can configure contact properties fields, so that you:

  • See on top of the contact profile the details that you consider most important
  • Add custom properties or reorder contact properties that are always visible on the contact profile
  • Search and filter the contact list by these contact property fields and export the resulting list to CSV files.
    For more information, see Sort, search, and export contacts.
  • Use the contact property fields when you define conversion tracking segments.
    For more information, see Segment visitors.
  • Base your marketing workflows on the custom contact property fields you define
  • Combine data from more than one system into one contact property field

In your data center dashboard, open the Contact properties tab page to see a list of all basic properties and the fields they get their data from. Field names are the ones defined in the data source system. For example, the Email address contact property may use data from the Email and Contact fields form data source systems.

NOTE: You can combine data from more than one field into one contact property.

When you are importing contact data from multiple sources, Sitefinity Insight merges the contacts that have the same email address, independently of the data source from where the email fields are reported. Thus, the system considers them as one and the same contact.

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