Add and manage lead scoring rules

To add new rules and see a list with all created rules, navigate to Analytics » Lead scoring and click on View all scoring rules. The list displays all rules you previously created (if any).

Add a rule

  1. Navigate to Analytics » Lead scoring.

    NOTE: You can add a rule on any screen that lists lead scoring rules, for example, from the scoring type screen.

  2. Click View all scoring rules.
  3. Click Add a rule.
  4. To select the type of activity that is to be tracked, click Define.
  5. To do this expand the If visitors... dropdown menu and choose an activity.
  6. Choose the condition on which this activity brings score points to the visitor. For details how to define see Lead scoring rules format.
  7. Define how many points to give the visitor and for which lead scoring types. You can add, subtract, or reset the points to 0.

    NOTE: You can choose whether visitors score points just once or every time they complete the interaction. For more information, see Lead scoring rules.

  8. Click Save rule.

View and compare lead scoring rules

You can view a list of all scoring rules that are scored with anything different than zero by navigating to Analytics » Lead scoring rules » View all scoring rules.

NOTE: You can also see a list of all scoring rules by clicking the Compare with rules for all scoring types link in any of the lead scoring types screens.

For each rule, the total number of hits for all scoring types are displayed. A hit means an actual action of adding points to a visitor towards their association with a specific scoring type in accordance with this rule. If the rule is hit second time by the same visitor towards the same scoring type, it is not counted again.

Edit and remove rules

You can edit any field of a lead scoring rule, apart from the activity field. This is because all activities are based on completed user interactions already uploaded in the cloud.

Deleting rules does not result in deletion of scoring types and vice versa. You delete rules independently from the scoring types.

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