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A touchpoint is any digital asset or specific interaction that marketing executives want to track. Thus, a touchpoint is a key engagement point of marketing importance that visitors experience on your site. You define a new touchpoint that involves a digital resource or interaction you consider relevant to the successful engagement of your visitors to measure whether your investment is worth the effort. For example, you may consider downloading the Best business laptops whitepaper a key interaction that leads to purchases of laptops on your site. You thus want to measure whether making this interaction more prominent on your site leads to more hits by visitors and eventually to more laptop purchases.

For more information, see Track touchpoints and measure conversion rate uplift.

You define a touchpoint by specifying one or more interactions that visitors need to complete to hit the touchpoint.

Once you define a touchpoint, the system tracks and measures when a visitor hits the touchpoint from the date you defined the touchpoint. Thus, you measure how popular this touchpoint is over time among your visitors and how it affects conversion rates. If you measure the touchpoint's effect on a specific conversion, the system applies calculated touchpoint data on the whole conversion window of the conversion. For more information, see Conversions and uplift reports.

Touchpoint conditions

You define touchpoints by setting the conditions that specify when a visitor hits the touchpoint. Conditions consist of an interaction a visitor completes and an additional clarification, that is, the object upon which the interaction occurs. Interactions may span across different channels that characterize the visitor’s experience on your website. For more information, see Define condition dialog.

Define a touchpoint

  1. Open the Touchpoints page and click the Define a touchpoint button.
  2. Enter a name for the touchpoint, for example, Download whitepaper.
  3. To define when a visitor hits the touchpoint, click Define.
    The Touchpoint hit define condition dialog appears.
    For more information how to define the conditions, see Define condition dialog.
  4. When done, click Save touchpoint.

To see all collected data for a touchpoint, simply navigate to Touchpoints and click on the touchpoint report you want to examine. For more information about reports, see Conversions rate uplift.

NOTE: When you define a touchpoint, calculations for touchpoint hits and conversion rate uplift are applied for the whole conversion window of conversions, not just from the date a touchpoint is defined. 

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