Email campaigns

You use this tab to create email campaigns, manage lists of subscribers to email campaigns, and compare email campaigns.

You manage email campaigns on the Email Campaign page. To open the page, click Marketing » Email Campaigns.
Use this tab to create, edit, and manage email campaigns, mailing lists, subscribers, and compare campaigns.

You must first create a mailing list for your campaign, then you must add subscribers to your mailing list. If you want to use a template for your campaign, you must create it next. When you have a mailing list with subscribers and a template for your email campaign, you create the campaign itself. Each campaign has one or more issues. When you create the campaign, you must create at least one issue of this campaign. You can use A/B test to compare the effectiveness of your campaign, by creating variations of one issue and sending different versions to different groups of test users and then comparing the results.

NOTE: Email campaigns are shared across different sites. All sites that you manage using Sitefinity CMS have the same set of email campaigns, subscribers, mailing lists, and message templates.

Subscribing to email campaigns on the website

To allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe to your email campaign, you must use the Subscribe form widget and the Unsubscribe form widget and configure them.
For more information, see Subscribe form widget and Unsubscribe form widget.
For more information about adding widgets on your page, see Add widgets on pages and templates.

You can then choose the way subscription and unsubscription forms are displayed by changing the template which the Subscribe form widget and the Unsubscribe form widget use.
For more information, see Create and edit widget templates.

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