Data centers with custom scenario


This is an empty data center, in which you have the flexibility to create all metrics and scoring models that you need for your specific demo scenario, for example, based on your actual website. Once you are done with all definitions, you populate the data center with sample data to examine the reports' statistics, based on your definitions. The point is to get an idea how a data center looks like, based on your actual website and digital marketing strategy.

NOTE: Keep in mind that even though you can define metrics, based on your actual marketing goals, the imported data is sample data, so reports do not reflect real tracking of your website. To see real reports for your site, enable the tracking on your site, and create an actual data center to track interactions on the site.

Once you complete defining your required metrics and scoring models, you populate the data center to analyze the statistics that are relevant to your website and scenario. This way, you can get used to how data affects the various reports before you create your actual data center.

Create data centers with custom scenario

PREREQUISITES: You need to have the Account Administrator role assigned. For more information, see Manage users in data centers and accounts.

To create a data center that contains your custom scenario:

  1. Open the Administration dashboard and in the Sample data centers section, click Create sample data center.

    NOTE: By default, you have a Sample Data data center created and ready to work with. However, if it was deleted, or if your account does not have any data centers created yet, you click Create sample data center to recreate it.

  2. Name the data center, for example, My demo.
  3. Select the Custom demo scenario, defined by you radio button and click Create this data center.

Next, you decide what scoring models and metric definitions you need for your scenario, for example, persona scoring rules. You can define any combination of metrics.

NOTE: You can also add an A/B test and populate with sample data. To do that, you create the test in Sitefinity CMS and link it to the demo data center. For more information, see Setup A/B tests campaigns.

NOTE: If you want to set up personalization reports, see Automatically create personalization reports.

You can create and get demo data generated for:

  • Up to 5 conversion tracking reports, each with 30 days calculation period
  • Up to 10 touchpoints
  • Up to 2 personalization reports with data generated for up to 3 segments for each report
  • 1 A/B test

Once you decide on what digital assets to measure and how, you proceed with populating the data center with the sample data. To do so:

  1. In the Administration dashboard, click on your sample data center.
  2. Navigate to the Demo settings tab page.
  3. Click the Populate with sample data button.

NOTE: If you do not repopulate with sample data, you just see reports for the day before you created the data center. For more information, see Populate with sample data.

Scoring models reference

For details about the various scoring models for measuring engagement of visitors on your site and the success of the marketing goals you define, see the following:

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