Data centers: Manage and administer data

PREREQUISITES: To access the Administration dashboard, you need to be either a Sitefinity Insight account admin or a data center admin. For more information, see Manage users in data centers and accounts.

The Administration dashboard of Sitefinity Insight enables you, as administrator, to manage your account and its data centers and maintain the system. You can also invite users who need to activate their accounts to access and make use all of the content and reports of both the Administration and Analytics dashboard.

As an administrator of Sitefinity Insight, you can:

  • Create and delete data centers
  • Create and delete sample data centers
  • Generate access keys to set a connection to the Sitefinity Insight connector in Sitefinity CMS
  • Connect to data from data sources other than Sitefinity CMS and import data
  • Invite new users to Sitefinity Insight and manage their permissions

The Administration dashboard has the following specialized views to help you monitor and manage your system:

  • Account overview - get a summary of your account usage, that is, all your activities. The numbers are totals, for example, total visitors for all data centers in this account. You also get a list of all connected systems, for example, Oracle Eloqua or Salesforce connectors.
  • Access & Security:
  • Data centers - a list of all data centers in your account
  • Sample data centers - a list of all sample data centers in your account
  • Data center dashboard - specifics and details for each data center

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