Generate sample data and reports

Once you activate your Sitefinity Insight account, you log in the system for the first time. To get a feel of Sitefinity Insight features, you can look at the Sample Data data center, populated with sample data and thus explore the features and types of reports.

In addition, if you are an Account Administrator, you can create either one or both of the following demo data centers containing:

  • Default sample data
    You create a data center, in which conversion tracking, touchpoints, personas, lead scoring rules, and all other metrics are predefined. Sample data is imported in advance and historical statistics are calculated, so you can get familiar with features and types of reports straight away.
  • Custom scenario
    You create an empty data center, which gives you the flexibility to define your own conversion tracking, touchpoints, persona, lead scoring rules, and other metrics. In the metric and rules definitions you can use URLs that are based on your actual website. Once you are done with all definitions, you populate the data center with sample data to examine the reports statistics, based on your definitions. Be aware that all imported data is sample data and therefore is not based on real tracking of your site. To see real reports for your site, enable the tracking on your site and create an actual data center to track interactions on the site.

Once you create your sample data centers and define your scoring models and metrics, you populate sample data to test your demo scenarios. You can use any of the two approaches for creating sample data centers, depending on your familiarity with the product and on your organization's requirements.

NOTE: Keep in mind that sample data centers generate fictional data in a way to get you acquainted with the product.

Populate with sample data

Sample data is imported for the previous 30 days. When importing data, Sitefinity Insight simulates the interactions of visitors throughout this period, so that in your reports you get conversions, touchpoint hits, and statistics for all metrics defined. In addition, audience data that is imported is both for anonymous visitors and known contacts. Known contacts are identified by their email address.

Once you populate your data center with sample data, the statistics you see are for the day before because all statistics are calculated once per day. To get statistics for the current day, you need to wait for the nightly calculation of data.

In a sample data center, Sitefinity Insight automatically adjusts the sample data as though it was gathered in the last 30 days. Also, if you set up your sample data centers to also collect real interactions, these interactions will be normalized to enable the reports in the sample data to show the correct data.

The following sections describe the two types of demo data centers you can create to get an understanding of how Sitefinity Insight works.

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