Automatically create personalization reports


When data comes from a personalized page from Sitefinity CMS, Sitefinity Insight automatically creates a personalization report. However, this report is hidden in Sitefinity Insight dashboard until at least one personalization event comes from your personalized properties, such as Sitefinity CMS personalized pages.
That is why, when you create a demo data center with custom scenario, you cannot see any personalization reports. To trigger the automatic discovery of personalization reports in Sitefinity Insight, you must force at least one personalization event to occur on your Sitefinity website.
In this article, you learn how to set up Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Insight to test your personalization setup when using sample data. After you complete the procedure, your data center will automatically discover the personalization segments that you have created in Sitefinity CMS and you can generate and work with sample data for these segments.


PREREQUISITES: You must have already connected your Sitefinity CMS website and a data center in your Sitefinity Insight account. If not, follow the procedure Connect to Sitefinity Insight.

To view a personalized page report, perform the following:

  1. Create a test user segment.
    1. Go to your Sitefinity CMS backend.
    2. Navigate to Marketing » Personalization.
    3. Follow procedure Create user segments.
      On Step 3, enter Backend Users Segment.
      On Step 4, as Characteristic, select Role, as logical operator, select Is, and from the Roles list, select BackendUsers.
    4. Personalize the page by segment.
      In Sitefinity CMS, follow procedure Personalize pages.
      On Step 2, select Backend Users Segment.
  2. Visit the personalized version of the page.
    You must do this from an account that is assigned to the BackendUser role.
  3. In Sitefinity Insight, navigate to the data center that processes data from your personalized Sitefinity CMS website.
  4. Click Personalization.
  5. To see the automatically discovered report, click the name of your personalized page.

    IMPORTANT: Sitefinity Insight aggregates data with some delay. If you do not see your page report immediately, wait a few minutes.

    The report opens. However, initially it does not contain any statistical data.

  6. To populate the report with sample data, perform the following:
    1. Open the Administration dashboard.
    2. Click your sample data center.
    3. Click Demo settings tab.
    4. Click Populate with sample data.

RESULT: After Sitefinity Insight populates the demo data center with sample data, you can see sample statistics data for the personalization segment defined in Sitefinity CMS.

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