EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange For Administration,Commerce and Transport) is a standard way to textually describe information for communication between separate computer systems. The standard is periodically revised, and new message types are constantly being added, while existing ones are updated to reflect changing business or governmental needs.

The EDIFACT grid shows all available versions supported by the Data Integration Suite along with all of the message types within each version. Data Integration Suite includes the dictionaries for the full range of published EDIFACT messages, from the earliest 88-1 to the most-current D09B, and all in between. Data Integration Suite also offers expanded tolerance for EDIFACT ‘decimal’ settings and support for the EDIFACT UNA segments in XML and XSD.

Due to the large size of the EDIFACT Support Grid, it was broken out into 4 units. Please use the links below to view each grid.

Grid 1 – 88-1 to D94B
Grid 2 – D95A to D99B
Grid 3 – D00A to D04B
Grid 4 – D05A to D08B