XTRA Lease Utilizes Progress Sitefinity to Bring in 39% New Truck Trailer Renters



After their previous CMS was no longer supported by its manufacturer, XTRA Lease needed a new one. The B2B transportation company was looking for an overhaul of its visual design, SEO strategy and capabilities for users and employees. Additionally, XTRA Lease wanted to reduce the need for a third-party SEM platform. 


Create a seamless user experience for current customers and prospects, allowing them to go from the main website to the password-protected one with ease.


An easy-to-use CMS enabling website administrators to create appealing and functional page layouts that concisely displays rental and leasing information.

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Located in St. Louis, MO, XTRA Lease supplies trucking companies all over the United States with trailers, flatbeds, storage trailers, dry vans, chassis and other types of trailers. The company owns a little over 90,000 trailers that transportation companies can lease or rent out for whatever their needs may be.

Since the company oversees providing a major component to a large industry, XTRA Lease required several website improvements. Chief among them, the backend functionality, the UI and the overall customer experience. The company was using Microsoft SharePoint as their CMS but found the features and tools of it to not support those needs. In fact, when it comes to customers, XTRA Lease’s website visitors found themselves having to call the company in order to process something. As opposed to having certain features readily available on the website, say, for example, the ability to search for locations, this made the experience for certain customers inconvenient.

It was also bothersome for the website administrators to update it with additional information and content. Ron Kemm, the Marketing Director for XTRA Lease, pointed out that they needed a platform that didn’t require a “developer-level aptitude.” Sometimes, Kemm found it difficult to update the site because his team felt like they had to outsource coding projects to third parties.

Kemm and his team decided it was time to change over their CMS. One that would fix these ongoing problems but fix up several others as well as be easy-to-use for any XTRA Lease employee.

“We narrowed the selection to three platforms, which we demoed and decided Sitefinity was the strongest candidate due it being user-friendly, an appropriate fit for our content needs and affordable licensing,” Kemm said.


The company chose to work with Progress Sitefinity Partner Americaneagle.com. They began to work on this project by implementing Sitefinity and integrating the various, pre-existing business applications the company was already using, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Google Analytics. By doing this, along with building up the technical specs of the website, the user experience was going to be greatly upgraded. Older content and web pages were successfully migrated over to the newly designed, Sitefinity-powered website. Blog content and career pages were also optimized for this fresh design, which contributed to the new, modern look of the website.

Along with the visual aspects, implementing Sitefinity with the backend allowed for better technical functionality with the XTRA Lease website. Several of XTRA Lease’s customers access the site primarily on their phone or tablet, so this specific improvement is beneficial to them.

What is probably the most significant characteristic of the new website are all the tools and features for customers to use. Customers can now search for the closest XTRA Lease location or for equipment to rent nearby.

Lastly, the XTRA Lease’s team were happy to know that with all these solutions, they will no longer need to rely on third parties to manually code features.


After Sitefinity was installed and XTRA Lease started utilizing all its features, the customer experience has been refined into something much more pleasant. Not only is it now nice to look at and easy to navigate from page-to-page, but the addition of a fuel savings calculator and real-time search has given leads and prospects a better understanding of their business. Recurring customers will be glad to know about these additions to continue doing business with them.

One aspect of the site that was greatly improved upon was its SEO. Thanks in part to Sitefinity’s ability to integrate with Google Analytics, XTRA Lease now knows who is visiting the site. Organic searches have increased, and more users are spending additional time on the site. But, one standout result is the decrease, 44% less bounce rate, in visitors leaving the site due to its previous issues.

Now with a fleet of accessible and extensive website tools, Kemm and the rest of the XTRA Lease marketing team is looking expand on the custom tools in order to optimize the website the best they can.

About XTRA Lease

With a fleet of about 90,000 semi-trailers across about 50 U.S. locations, XTRA Lease offer nationwide coverage with personalized, local service. As the leading provider of semi-trailer rental and leasing in the U.S., XTRA Lease offers the newest, most technologically-advanced trailers and the first-rate service you deserve. Our equipment and services are designed to help you save fuel, boost utilization and improve regulatory compliance. To learn more visit www.xtralease.com

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