Wärtsilä Boosts Monthly Lead Gen by 3x with Sitefinity



Faced with a complex digital content ecosystem spanning three business units and regional sites for more than 50 locations and languages, the company’s existing content management system had become difficult to update leaving websites lacking in the features that customers have come to expect—such as responsive design and mobile device compatibility.


Wärtsilä chose Progress® Sitefinity™ to redesign and relaunch a new website, and leveraged Sitefinity Insight to personalize user experiences by serving tailored content recommendations based on each action a visitor took on the website.


Sitefinity enables Wärtsilä to give each prospect the attention they deserve. By tracking visitor behaviors and personalizing their experience throughout the customer journey, Wärtsilä can move away from the “one message for all” approach and deliver highly tailored experiences for each prospect.

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As a global company, Wärtsilä’s website plays a pivotal role in the company’s digital marketing efforts. However, the Finnish manufacturer had a problem—its website had become a complex ecosystem of digital content over the years. In 2014, Wärtsilä finally reached the end of the line. The web content management system the company was using at the time was full of shortcomings; it simply lacked the features necessary to build and support a modern, scalable digital experience. 

After getting in touch with Progress partner Siili Solutions, Wärtsilä began envisioning a new site with three specific requirements: 

1. The website needed to deliver a modern user experience, complete with responsive design and mobile compatibility

2. The new CMS had to help Wärtsilä improve operations and cut costs 

3. Personalization was a must so Wärtsilä could create a more engaging customer journey


After exploring a variety of options, Wärtsilä and Siili went with Progress® Sitefinity™. Despite all the content in the Wärtsilä digital ecosystem, the migration was a smooth process and the new global site was launched in just six months. 

Maud Bernard, Digital Marketing Manager at Wärtsilä, credits the ease of the transition in part due to how approachable the Sitefinity platform is for new users. With more than 100 users, Wärtsilä needed a content management system that was easy to learn without any compromises in terms of feature set. 

“For Wärtsilä, the user-friendly interface of Sitefinity was a big selling point,” Bernard said. “It’s so easy for anyone to pick up and learn, you don’t need to spend hours in the backend to obtain mastery.”


In the B2B space, every lead counts—a single converted lead could generate millions of dollars in revenue for Wärtsilä. Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Insight enable Wärtsilä to give each prospect the attention they deserve. 

With the new design and personalization capabilities, Wärtsilä's website has become a major part of the organization's lead generation process. Approximately 38% of leads are driven by the personalized content, resulting in a 3x increase of average monthly leads. 

“Sitefinity Insight is the future of digital marketing at Wärtsilä,” Bernard added. “The B2B world needs more personalized experiences, and Sitefinity Insight enables us to create them.”

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