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Teknion wanted a web presence that matched its brand image while being easy to manage, compatible with the latest mobile devices and able to support multiple languages.


Teknion chose Progress® Sitefinity™ to take control of its digital brand and create a modern, sophisticated website that represented the company’s progressive, trend-setting attitude.


The biggest benefit has been the added efficiency and productivity gained by the Teknion marketing team. Website management was once a slow process that presented a major bottleneck—now, anyone can be trained how to do it within a day.

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Offering a unique inventory of furniture and fixtures, Teknion products enable any business to set the tone and culture of the company through the design of the workspace. However, for a brand with a reputation for creativity and pushing boundaries, Teknion’s website did not match the company’s vision.

Heavy lifting within Teknion resulted in bottlenecks for even simple tasks, let alone making more comprehensive changes to the site. Content management issues were complicated even further by the company’s international reach—the website needed to support 10+ geographic regions, each with unique go-to-markets.


Teknion decided to rebrand in 2015, which presented the perfect opportunity to relaunch the company’s digital presence. After working with digital firm Enginess to evaluate Teknion’s existing workflow processes and needs, Progress® Sitefinity® CMS was selected as the content management system.

Sitefinity empowered Teknion to take control of its brand and create modern, sophisticated websites that were also easy to manage. Simply creating and managing content got a lot easier as everyone was empowered to contribute.

Beyond improving the content management process, Sitefinity played a pivotal role in driving a unique, innovative digital experience for prospects and customers. The personalization capabilities of Sitefinity gave Teknion the ability to specifically tune content and pages to each and every visitor.

Additionally, the combination of the built-in personalization and multilingual capabilities enabled the web team to further localize content based on IP address. Content could be fine-tuned based on region, with local pricing, new products and content experiences and support for multiple languages—all implemented dynamically.

“We target interior designers, so we needed a site that was as design-driven as the product that we sell,” said Claudio Ferreira, Director of Digital Corporate Marketing, Teknion. “Sitefinity enables us to be closer to who we are as a brand.”

Teknion makes extensive use of Bynder’s digital asset management (DAM) system, which holds more than 80,000 assets. Keeping the data separate from the content enables content contributors to work independently from the web team. Sitefinity also offers seamless integration so the web team can pull in content based on the attributes set in the DAM.


To date, Teknion has created six major websites with Sitefinity, including a new internal intranet called MyTeknion. This hub supports more than 10,000 internal users as they perform sales, marketing, training and other mission-critical tasks, replacing 30+ different business apps.

The new digital experience is empowered by the fact that managing all this content is so much easier. Website management was once a slow process with major bottlenecks—now, anyone can be trained within a day.

“The fact that a small team of half a dozen people is able to manage and interface with tens of thousands of assets is incredible,” said Oren Shapiro, Vice President of Service Delivery, Enginess. “The marketing team is operating three times more efficiently than it was previously able to.”

For Teknion, there are always new ways to push the digital experience forward. Viewport is becoming a big focus for Teknion’s next moves, with the team exploring innovative ways to use Sitefinity to extend content to any channel, whether it’s a mobile device, a display on a piece of furniture or anything else—and it’s all personalized to the user.

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