Telematel delivers continuous innovation for 25 years with Progress OpenEdge, supporting customer demand for Cloud and Mobile Apps. Accelerated time to market by approximately 30%; took less than one month to move existing Progress OpenEdge application to the cloud.





Meet customers’ constantly changing requirements; keep up with rapidly evolving trends like mobility, SaaS and the cloud.


Using Progress OpenEdge to continually innovate its applications to remain competitive while leveraging 25 years of existing business logic.


Accelerated time to market by approximately 30%; took less than one month to move existing Progress OpenEdge application to the cloud.


Telematel delivers continuous innovation for 25 years with Progress® OpenEdge ®, supporting customer demand for cloud and mobile apps

Telematel, S.L. is dedicated to constant innovation to ensure its customers have the technology they need to optimize their business and stay ahead of the competition. For over 25 years, the company has relied on the Progress OpenEdge integrated development environment (IDE) to power its industry-leading solutions and provide its customers with the state-of-the art solutions they have come to expect. Headquartered in Spain, Telematel provides business management applications to more than 2,300 customers and 13,000 users across both Spain and Mexico.

Designed for accelerated application development, Progress OpenEdge is used by more than 47,000 businesses in more than 175 countries. In contrast to other platforms, OpenEdge dramatically accelerates time to market for new applications, improves developer productivity by more than 40%, and cuts operating costs with secure, easy-to-maintain and service-enabled apps.

Serving primarily electrical contractors and industrial distributors and wholesalers, Telematel’s ERP solutions run on Progress OpenEdge 11 and are available both on premise and in the cloud. Its customers rely on its applications to manage almost every aspect of their operations, including sales management, warehouse logistics, inventory management, procurement and provisioning, financial management, accounting, analytics, and more. Customers using Telematel’s OpenEdge-based solutions have reported significant benefits, including reduced costs, improved productivity, increased efficiency via automation, zero unplanned downtime, improved control across operations, total visibility into every business process and increased revenue.

Telematel is committed to keeping pace with the evolution of Progress OpenEdge to enhance its solution with new capabilities to ensure its customers stay one step ahead. The company recently modernized its applications in respond to customer requirements, developing a cloud-based option as well as mobile applications to meet the market’s demand for anytime, anywhere access.

Telematel has also taken advantage of OpenEdge 11 capabilities like multi-tenancy to provide its customers with an added layer of security by physical separating data within the same database. And customers benefit from not having to add an additional server.

Xavier Fericle, General Manager of Telematel, says the company continues to bet its business on Progress OpenEdge because the platform consistently delivers the performance and innovation they need. “Over the last ten years, there has been a dramatic paradigm shift with the rise of mobility, SaaS, the cloud, etc. Progress OpenEdge provides us with the technology we need to keep up with these rapid changes and develop competitive applications.”

>The flexibility of OpenEdge and the underlying Advanced Business Language (ABL) have allowed Telematel to create applications that meet the unique requirements of the industries they serve. In addition, they give Telematel the business agility to rapidly respond to customer demands and market change. “The flexibility of the platform accelerates our time to market by approximately 30%, which is a huge competitive advantage. It took us less than one month to move our application to the Cloud,” explains Fericle. “At the same time, Progress OpenEdge delivers a considerably lower total cost of ownership. The consistency, robustness and low cost of maintenance associated with Progress OpenEdge would not be possible with other platforms.”

The ability to easily integrate third-party applications with Progress OpenEdge has been essential to optimizing Telematel’s customers’ operations. For example, one customer has integrated their ERP system with that of a local Spanish electrical company to streamline order management.

The reliability and scalability of Progress OpenEdge ensures satisfied customers with continuous uptime. “The majority of our customers have never experienced any unplanned downtime with their systems,” says Fericle. “And the scalability of Progress OpenEdge means our applications can grow with our customers’ business. For example, one of our customers manages over 300,000 invoices a year through their OpenEdge-based system, and another manages more than 3 million products on a single database.”

Beyond the technology, Fericle says Progress has remained a strategic and valued partner for Telematel. “Progress is always there for us if we have questions or need advice. And they continue to provide us with excellent support. We recently needed to integrate our system with the Mexican certified system of billing, and Progress Technical Support was instrumental in helping us to complete a successful integration.”

With a strong presence in Mexico and Spain, Telematel plans to expand its business into other areas within Latin America. “Progress has provided us with the state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise to succeed in this highly competitive industry for over two decades,” says Fericle. “They continue to make significant investments, including the acquisition of innovative, market-leading technologies, which is very exciting to us. We are confident that Progress will continue to provide us with the state-of-the art tools we need to satisfy our customers and grow our business.”

About Telematel, S.L.

The Company has over 1,600 clients with over 50 employees with headquarters located in Barcelona. Telematel S.L. has the right strategic mix between technology (mainly an ERP powered by Progress) and business expertise to a very specific target: construction companies and industrial suppliers. For more information, please visit

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