Smooth Fusion Launches Model Sitefinity Website

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Smooth Fusion's site needed to illustrate its Sitefinity expertise in action to engage potential new clients.


Smooth Fusion's new site exhibited best practices throughout - empowering marketers to create engaging design and content without reliance on IT.


The new site has been a huge success, driving a 247% increase in site traffic and winning the Technology category of the 2020 Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards.

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Forget the old expression. When you’re a digital agency, you absolutely will be judged by your cover.

For Smooth Fusion, a digital agency focusing on UX/UI, design and development, simply having a website that engaged and converted visitors wasn’t enough. The agency’s website needed to confidently illustrate its expertise in action. That way, potential clients can see exactly what they’re getting.

As a leading Progress® Sitefinity® partner, the Smooth Fusion team set out to create a site based on the industry’s latest best practices. The goals for the new site included:

·       A user-friendly design that could be easily implemented in Sitefinity

·       Seamless integration with HubSpot

·       Workflows for content editors that improve productivity

·       Advanced personalization powered by Sitefinity Insight


In 2019, Smooth Fusion rebuilt its site from the ground up. With a new layout, design and functionality, the site was a model for how other Sitefinity sites could (and should) be built.

The site relies heavily on the benefits that Bootstrap 4 brings to Sitefinity. Custom layout widgets were created that gave content editors the power to easily control the design. Now, marketers can drop in backgrounds and use hero images that adapt to one of three possible sizes, depending on the content inside it. Critically, this eliminates their reliance on IT to manage the digital experience.

The new Smooth Fusion site exhibited best practices throughout the website’s content. That includes a documentation page on the site that reminds content editors and page creators of the proper ways to use the widgets and CSS class options. Now, Smooth Fusion is able to showcase its own implementation to the community in customer demos, videos and blog posts.

Taking advantage of Sitefinity Insight, Smooth Fusion is able to assign personas to site visitors in order to better target and personalize marketing content. Again, this serves to elevate the digital experience.


The new site has been a huge success, winning the Technology category of the 2020 Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards.

The newest Sitefinity features have been combined with design and implementation best practices to empower Smooth Fusion’s marketing team. Free to manage the digital experience without help from IT, they are able unleash a steady stream of resources and content updates. The team’s ability to quickly publish content led to a 247% increase in site traffic in the first eight months following the site launch.

By designing for Bootstrap, the implementation was completed in less than 60 developer hours. This helped the organization save time, money and resources while delivering an extremely engaging online experience.

The Smooth Fusion team is now collecting content performance data in Sitefinity Insight and beginning to create personalized content for various personas to convert more visitors.

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