Healthcare Organization: Improves Enterprise Search for Healthcare Professionals

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In health care organizations, delivering time-sensitive information to the right audience can be crucial to organizational as well as patient wellbeing. Approximately 80% of the people who work in the health care field aren’t knowledge or search experts they spend their time working with patients; delivering care, managing coverage, dispensing information and managing electronic health records in order to:

  • Deliver device and medicinal product recall information to doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers in real-time to manage positive patient outcomes.
  • Identify and prescribe the most appropriate medication/procedure based on patient history, drug interactions and medical best practices.
  • Quickly identify health plan coverage, exclusions, and recent changes to appropriately manage patient care.

There is another side of medical information; unclassified data. Information such as, company reports, policies and procedures, important phone numbers, newsletters, and fact sheets, which are located on employee portals, in content management systems, and other disparate sources that is difficult – if not impossible - to find and the inability to incorporate it into the decision-making process can be costly.

Download the case study to learn how Sentara Healthcare used the power of the Semaphore’s Semantic AI platform Semaphore, to improve enterprise search

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