Big 4 Accounting Firm Delivers Automated Digital Labor to Eliminate the Pain of Regulatory Compliance with Semaphore

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Regulated industries such as Financial Services, Aerospace, High Tech, Energy, Healthcare and Life Sciences are under increasing pressure to minimize organizational and reputational risk. As the number of new laws and regulations continue to proliferate, global organizations must develop transparent, consistent, and reliable systems and processes to ensure the enterprise is compliant. The implementation of a digital labor platform, which consists of Semaphore and other best-of-breed enterprise-grade technologies, help organizations streamline reporting, improve accuracy, and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance. To learn more, download this complimentary case study.


Semaphore’s Semantic AI platform is at the heart of the digital labor solution. Global organizations in the Energy, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government & Intelligence, Media and Publishing and High Tech Manufacturing industries use Semaphore every day to enrich enterprise information assets with context and meaning. Semaphore extracts critical facts, entities and relationships to power case management, workflows and advanced analytics. It harmonizes different data types from disparate sources to create logical data warehouses with a true semantic layer.

Innovation is at the core of the organization. This platform is one of many manifestations of their commitment to innovation; yet, innovation must be coupled with an unwavering commitment to knowing its clients’ industries to deliver transformative change and drive value creation. This combination of innovation and domain knowledge permeates across all enterprise functions and industry verticals.

The platform brings together a set of best-of-breed enterprise-grade technologies that streamline reporting, improve accuracy, and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance for their clients. In addition to their KYC, FATCA and CCAR applications, the platform can be extended into other related financial activities like mortgage processing and to other vertical markets like Life Sciences – where regulatory problems such as Adverse Event Reporting, Clinical Trial Management, and IDMP can benefit from this type of automation.

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