RedSail Technologies Creates Customer Support Portal and Achieves Immediate 30% Resolution Rate with Progress Sitefinity



RedSail Technologies’ technology had become dated and featured a website with static files that were difficult to update and lacked searchability. It was showcasing the same content to all its customers, which led to a lot of confusion and support phone calls.


Integrated to its community through single sign-on and CoveoTM search to ensure the relevancy of search results and ease of use.


Created a single source of truth, providing customers with only information that is relevant to them, freeing up resources from support calls and helping resolve their issues faster.

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On a mission to elevate the role of independent pharmacy and the health of communities by building the most clinically advanced and financially sustainable network in the country, RedSail Technologies needed to create a Hub to provide its customers with a positive, integrated experience that would be more educational and help them solve their issues sooner. It also sought to unite the support portals for both of its pharmacy software brands (QS/1 and Integra).

With outdated technology and a portal with static files that were difficult to update and lacked searchability, the same content was being delivered to all its customers at the post-purchase phase. This led to a lot of phone calls to customer support–a huge resource drain. RedSail sought to improve the search experience to provide information that is specifically relevant to each customer and create a single source of truth to have his/her questions answered and with access to the right support.


To better support, service, and retain customers, RedSail tapped Smooth Fusion® to help with the implementation of Progress® Sitefinity® integrated with Pavlik’s Portal Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

They created a customer portal that provided their customers’ post-sale support through a knowledge base with articles, customer forum posts, product guides, release notes, training information, downloads, and recorded webinars, which are integrated with case and contact management through the Portal Connector. The Portal Connector pulls the right data to inform a personalized experience for customers–tailored to the products that they have.

As Chris Todd, Program Manager, RedSail Technologies, shared, “One of the things that our customers struggle with is post-sale support and finding information that’s relevant to them. So, that was an example of how this new platform really helped us change the game for our customers. Additionally, our marketing team now has a destination where we can see who’s coming in, viewing what, and track that. Both functionalities have been game-changers.”



Through Portal Connector, RedSail integrated single sign-on to provide customers a seamless experience throughout their journey. CoveoTM search ensures the relevancy of search results so customers can find the right content, right when its needed. The Microsoft Dynamics integration helped internally with managing its accounts, cases, contacts, and knowledge base. Sitefinity was also leveraged to manage and publish the knowledge base’s digital assets.

RedSail started with a common design that would work for everyone, and now business units are starting to diverge and focus on what’s important to them. Using multi-site management, different permissions and content sources can be leveraged for the different portal experiences. As Shelia Warfield, Vice President of Marketing, RedSail Technologies, commented, “We’re no longer in this world of having to duplicate pages, and then customize it to a need. So that is a huge efficiency gain. The platform is much more conducive to sharing information and telling stories in ways that create more breakthrough with customers. We now work within the flexibility of that platform, as opposed to dealing with so many constraints.”



With this project, RedSail has created a single source of truth, providing customers with only information that is relevant to them, freeing up resources from support calls and helping resolve their issues faster. While RedSail is tracking the number of logins to the Hub versus phone calls, phone calls are at an all-time low, and RedSail was able to immediately achieve a 30% resolution rate for those who read knowledge articles. RedSail also gained the ability to track how customers engage with website content.

Customers have also enjoyed the self-service aspect of the portal. They can open a case versus waiting on hold, and they can see their full case history. This freed up RedSail to focus on improving its content and support offerings, versus providing hands-on customer support.

Chris Todd added, “We can do so much more now that we have this foundation–whether it’s integrating with a LMS for training, offering new services or capabilities that integrate with our Dynamics environment, or publishing product documentation in new ways. We’ve built this great solution on this platform that we’re now able to build upon.”

Moving ahead, RedSail is looking at using Sitefinity for all its product documentation instead of another third-party program.

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