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Many of the challenges facing the oil and gas sector are external; price uncertainty, environmental concerns, geopolitical unrest and an increasingly hostile regulatory climate. Companies need to deal with these challenges, but the drivers are often beyond their control. Increasingly, companies are focusing on what they can control—the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. To a large extent, this means embracing new technology. As a 2014 study from Booz, Allen, Hamilton puts it “Oil and gas companies are using the latest ideas, such as mobility, cloud computing, and knowledge management, and wrapping them around their current processes to make everything work better.” But these technologies, particularly knowledge management, are far from perfect.

Using Semaphore, one oil and gas company applied the principles of content intelligence to increase productivity and decrease their regulatory exposure. By harmonizing the business vocabulary and analyzing and describing all content consistently, they reduced the number of maintenance incidents that were the result of out of date or missing documentation and they improved their ability to comply with regulatory requirements and manage their complex and detailed documentation.

To discover how Oil and Gas organizations can streamline operations, increase productivity and comply with regulatory requirements, download our case study.

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