Healthcare with Progress Corticon

Globally, organizations that help to deliver healthcare, whether government or private-sector, are challenged by the need to accommodate ever more complex deliverables while controlling costs. For many, Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Management System (BRMS) has become a key enabling technology to support greater efficiency through agility, in particular by allowing business rules to be adapted as requirements and regulations change due to market conditions.



SS_Healthcare with Progress Corticon


To build and strengthen the delivery of healthcare products and services in a diverse global market by incorporating rules and processes within an automated BRMS.


To deliver competitive and efficient healthcare offerings, public and private entities have turned to Progress Corticon to capture process logic and make it available for analysis and improvement and to rapidly implement changes when needed.


Organizations streamline decision-making and operationalize process improvements with more confidence and agility – and greater speed. Furthermore, because Corticon makes it simple to update, customers find it easy to make changes when needed.

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