Fujitsu General Australia Enhances Brand Identity and Optimizes Mobile Experience with Progress Sitefinity



With a website built on a hard-coded backend that made it difficult to update and personalize, a frontend with a dated appearance that did not reflect the leadership position of the Fujitsu brand and a subpar mobile experience that frustrated customers in a mobile-first world, Fujitsu General’s website needed an overhaul—and fast.


Created a dedicated Partner Portal to enable partners with a one-stop shop to expedite business and an optimized mobile experience, exceeding customer expectations in a mobile-first world.


Site speed rankings with competitors up nearly 50% resulting in a superior user experience and the content and depth of site quadrupled while still delivering better speed rankings than the previous site.

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With a website built on a hard-coded backend that made it difficult to update and personalize, a frontend with a dated appearance that did not reflect the leadership position of the Fujitsu General brand and a subpar, frustrating mobile experience, Fujitsu’s website needed an overhaul—and fast.

But that was only the beginning of what Fujitsu expected from its new website. The market leader of air conditioning products to Australia and New Zealand was determined to create a customer journey that would enhance revenue by leading both residential and commercial customers precisely to the solutions that would best meet their needs.

In the words of Zdenka Micallef, Head of Marketing and Communications, Fujitsu ANZ, the company always wants to put the customer experience first.

“We wanted to focus on the customer journey,” said Micallef. “To create a clear path to discovery and call to action to drive conversion and ultimately sales, we required a platform that had the tools and functionality to quantify lead value and display the key features and benefits of each product.”

After a thorough search, Fujitsu General chose Progress Sitefinity Elite Partner Avion Software to create a dynamic, robust platform that will not only delight customers, but allow extended functionality into the future.


Fujitsu General leveraged Sitefinity which allowed for extended functionality for the future, and supported case studies, company news and personalized content, all easily updated by marketing personnel. Additionally, Fujitsu’s marketers knew they were now empowered to add features and functionality to dramatically improve the mobile experience for their customers.

Two new key components were built in order to enhance the customer journey: Fujitsu Assist (Product Selector Tool) for residential and commercial customers, and a new Partner Portal and lead management process to enhance the user experience of Fujitsu’s broad network of business partners.

  • Fujitsu Assist guides customers through their purchase journey to help them choose the right air conditioning solutions, while also allowing them to book service calls and request quotes to expedite conversion.

  • The Dealer Support Portal is designed for commercial and trade customers and provides a unique login for each dealer, delivering technical data, installation and service manuals downloadable with the click of a button.

Fujitsu has also integrated the GEO API, which allows customers to find their nearest Fujitsu partner based on postcode, as well as Weather API data to help customers select the right air conditioning solution based on their region’s average temperature and humidity. Lastly, the team deployed the Sitefinity Multisite Management tool, which enables them to share pages, images and other assets across the company’s Australia and New Zealand sites, saving time and resources by eliminating multiple data entry tasks.


As Jason Borja, Assistant Brand Manager, Fujitsu ANZ, says, “Everything is new! Our website underwent a major rebuild and design.” And the results of all that hard work are impressive.

From the standpoint of enhancing the user experience and customer engagement, Fujitsu General realized a number of improvements, including site speed rankings with competitors up nearly 50%, and load time improvements expected to deliver more than $800,000 AUD revenue increase annually. These speed improvements come with the fact that Fujitsu’s marketing team quadrupled the content and depth of the site. Additionally, increased mobile session durations reflect a newly-optimized mobile experience, with clearly rendered content and images.

From a business process standpoint, Sitefinity features like Multi-Site Management have resulted in productivity improvements by minimizing duplicate data entry and integrations have been deployed that speed product updates.

Looking ahead, Fujitsu is anticipating that the launch of its Partner Portal will help partners close more business faster, and from an internal standpoint, continue to depend on Sitefinity to help save time and resources with its ease of use and streamlined processes.

About Fujitsu General:

Fujitsu is a leading supplier of air conditioning products in Australia focusing its research and manufacturing capability into producing world-class, market-leading air conditioners for most Australian homes and commercial spaces. For more information, visit

About Avion Software:

Avion Software is a forerunner amongst the Asia-Pacific Region’s most advanced software solution providers, specializing in analytical and collaborative customer relationship management and content management solutions. For more information, visit

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