From Productivity to User Engagement, the City of Lecce Drives Big Results with Sitefinity



To create a digital presence that matched the city’s beauty, Lecce wanted to revamp its website with an engaging, compliant digital experience.


Sitefinity 10 offered the capabilities and features the City of Lecce to bring its reimagined website to life, from content lifecycle management to multisite management.


The city of Lecce was able to build a better website that was easier to manage, while also complying with accessibility regulations. Key metrics, from productivity to user engagement, saw 80+% lifts.

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Lecce is a city in the region of Puglia, at the heel of the Italian “boot,” and is home to nearly 100,000 people. It is the capital of the Province of Lecce and the main city of the Peninsula of Salento.

Lecce has more than 2,000 years of history and is built on top of Roman and Messapian settlements. The beautiful city center is rich in architectural monuments and carved in the soft local limestone. Because of this richness, Lecce has earned the nickname “the Florence of the South.”

To create a digital presence that matched the city’s beauty, Lecce wanted to revamp its website with an improved digital experience that also complies with the accessibility requirements set forth by the Agency for Digital Italy.


The city of Lecce’s existing website was built on Progress® Sitefinity® 5 and the municipality’s digital team originally explored moving to a different CMS, including Kentico and Drupal. Ultimately, they decided upgrading to Sitefinity 10 was the best option, as it came with valuable new features like omnichannel capabilities, multisite management and content lifecycle management enhancements.

The city of Lecce worked with Sitefinity partner Co.M.Media to migrate to the latest version in 2017, which dramatically improved the digital team’s productivity and workflows. With new approval workflows and permissions for content management, users across 15 departments can quickly create content, eliminating time-consuming bottlenecks.

“Sitefinity is easy for the end user to use, and being able to customize the workflows according to the specific needs of the customer made it much easier for a large team to coordinate content management,” said Fabrizio Benvenuto, Manager, Co.M.Media. 

The municipality also needed to integrate the website with multiple third-party services, such as Google Analytics, Telegram and various internal apps. With a powerful, fully exposed API, Sitefinity enabled the city of Lecce to easily connect to those services so it could better track campaign and engagement metrics.

Beyond the improvements to the content management process, Sitefinity also enabled the municipality to create a better experience for visitors. With the upgraded version of Sitefinity, the city of Lecce was able to create a mobile-friendly site that complied with accessibility guidelines, with improved layout, navigation and website content organization.


The migration to a much newer version of Sitefinity was quick and enabled the city of Lecce and Co.M.Media to revamp the site in approximately five months. From the perspective of both website visitors and the people managing the site, the results have been outstanding, including:

• 90% increase in social media engagement and traffic
• 90% increase in productivity behind the scenes
• 80% improvement in SEO and content discoverability
• 70% increase in community engagement and interaction

“Going forward, we plan to use Sitefinity to further finetune the digital experience,” said Alessandro Delli Noci, Assessor of Technological Innovation, Municipality of Lecce. “We want to take advantage of the multichannel capabilities and personalization features to better engage our audience with the right content at the right time.”

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