Credit Suisse Turns Data Insights Into Transformative Action, Reducing Costs and Delivering New Innovations to Customers

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  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiencies by nearly 4x
  • Simplified IT architecture
  • Increased security

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Top global bank Credit Suisse is working with MarkLogic to spend less on commodity IT functionality, while leveraging data to create new products and services that help the company maintain its financial services industry leadership. Leveraging MarkLogic Data Hub Service and implementing MarkLogic Data Hubs, Credit Suisse is simplifying its architecture, reducing costs and achieving actionable insights that lead to a competitive advantage.

We set it up in just a few days—and the instance in just a few minutes—and it was secure and reliable.

Gayathri Pandurangan

Head of Technology, Asset Management Americas and Data Platform, Credit Suisse


Credit Suisse was looking for a platform that could help the company reduce time and costs associated with infrastructure management and devote more resources to actions that enhance business outcomes. After success with Marklogic Data Hubs, Credit Suisse conducted a POC with MarkLogic Data Hub Service. In short order, Credit Suisse discovered that it could leverage MarkLogic Data Hub Service to meet efficiency, cost and productivity goals while still maintaining optimal levels of security.


As an industry leader, Credit Suisse is always watching for new technologies that can help the organization improve agility, reduce costs and wield data as a competitive advantage. Credit Suisse is using the MarkLogic Data Hub and MarkLogic Data Hub Service to achieve these goals.

Increased Performance

Credit Suisse saw a nearly 4-fold improvement in the speed of data loading and harmonization.

Simplified Architecture

“MarkLogic Data Hub Service really simplified our architecture in a major way,” said Gayathri.

Improved Efficiencies

Credit Suisse reported that storage, server, set up time and more can be greatly reduced with MarkLogic Data Hub Service.

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