Beaumont ACO Makes Patient Data & Physician Report Management Simple for 2,000 Physicians with Progress Sitefinity



When Beaumont ACO sought to give their 2,000+ physicians a single portal for document and report management, a mobile application for secure information access on the go, and a preeminent mode of communication and education, it turned to Progress Sitefinity. 


Leverage document management widgets created in Sitefinity into mobile, responsive templates. While the native app was created from scratch, everything else in the portal was pulled through Sitefinity. 


The mobile application has seen a 119% increase in users, to more than half of Beaumont ACO’s physicians, since it was built last year. 

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Beaumont ACO is a physician and health system partnership. This board-led Accountable Care Organization is a group of physicians managed primarily by physicians, with its digital experience being an integral part of educating and supporting physicians.

As Beaumont ACO looked to have Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and healthcare information also available, it sought a solution that could manage documents and reports while supporting HIPPA compliance. It also sought a central hub for hosting its Learning Management System (LMS) content that is pushed out to physicians that was key to helping them understand all the program requirements and specifics to be successful. The documents that physicians needed access to were being managed in different folders for different users and was not accessible on the go. Having an LMS system that allowed physicians to work through their modules on the go, and that allowed for course progress to be tracked, was critical. 

Ultimately, Beaumont ACO felt Sitefinity was like perfect solution. “Sitefinity offers tighter control over protected health information for our patients. It's single-spot, secure and HIPAA-compliant,” says Steve Maney, Director, Clinical Analytics and Decision Support at Beaumont ACO.


Progress partner Enqbator migrated the existing website to Progress Sitefinity® and built a Sitefinity-powered portal experience. The portal allows Beaumont ACO staff to perform Bulk User Import and Bulk Document Imports where access is established and documents are assigned to individuals or teams based on naming conventions. This allows the documents that each user accesses to be tracked, a mandatory capability for HIPPA-compliance, and two-factor authentication was implemented for user access to the portal and Sitefinity. The team then built a mobile application via Sitefinity and integrated with biometrics-based authentication, to allow physicians access to patent information and reporting without needing desktop access. With Sitefinity powering the cross-channel experience, required updates would only need to be made once to be reflected on the website and on the mobile application.

Sitefinity streamlines the management of data to the portal and the application via a single upload. “We took all that document management widgets that we have created in Sitefinity, and we wrapped it in a mobile, responsive templates.  Once physicians get into the portal, all those page managements, everything was pulling from Sitefinity,” said Sagar Varma Godavarthi, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Enqbator. 

On top of that, Beaumont ACO can host structured content in the module builder. This has enabled the team to customize their platform and accommodate their Learning Management System (LMS), which is also based on Sitefinity. The ACO team can go in and create course content spanning health plan details, process recommendations and more that is pushed out to the portal users (managers and physicians). The system then tracks physicians’ course completions and progress. 


The portal and application are now serving as the preeminent mode of communication and education for Beaumont ACO’s 2,000 physicians, as well as the single digital experience command center for Beaumont ACO. 

In the short time since the mobile application was built last year, app users are up 119% to 1,034 (more than half of the physicians). As Maney explains, “physicians have cited the ability to engage with the information and do classes on the go as primary motivators for using the application. Now, when ACO clinical leadership and staff are going to an office, they no longer have to worry about bringing documents, they just log in. It has helped physicians immensely to view all of their reports directly from a mobile app instead of relying on an outdated system.” 

The next step Beaumont ACO plans to take is to enable customized mobile app notifications from the ACO team to individual physicians or a group of physicians based on their NPI or specialty to extend its application’s functionality.

About Beaumont ACO

Founded in 2010, Beaumont ACO is a physicianand health system partnership comprised of 2,000 physicians. The physician majority, board-led Accountable Care Organization is built on the guiding principles of trust, transparency and physician leadership.   

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