ASA Automotive Systems delivers innovative, scalable, and reliable solutions with the Progress OpenEdge RDBMS database

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To maintain its market leadership, ASA Automotive Systems is focused on providing leading edge technology to meet evolving customer requirements, making sure the solution is scalable and easy to manage by our customers.


The Progress OpenEdge Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) serves as the backend for ASA’s TireMaster Enterprise and its latest product TireMasterG4. 


ASA has realized unmatched ease of installation and maintenance – two ASA professionals support 200 customers and thousands of users; the OpenEdge database enables flexible deployment across platforms and channels, including SaaS, Cloud, and mobile.

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How do you maintain a successful business for a quarter of a century? For ASA Automotive Systems, the answer lies in its ability to consistently deliver innovative technology to the marketplace. ASA develops comprehensive systems to help tire dealers, auto repair shops, and re-traders manage all facets of their tire and auto repair businesses. Considered the leading technology provider to the automotive aftermarket, ASA is committed to maintaining innovative practices to maintain its leadership position.


For over 20 years, Progress has played a role in ASA’s ongoing technology strategy. Built on the Progress OpenEdge database, ASA’s flagship TireMaster Enterprise and TireMasterG4 solutions are designed to improve productivity, revenues, and overall customer and employee satisfaction for today’s tire dealers. TireMaster Enterprise and TireMasterG4 utilize the state-of-the-art Progress OpenEdge database technologies to provide unparalleled ease of use, data access, and integration with third-party applications. ASA also offers its customers the option of using Progress OpenEdge Replication to ensure real-time data protection and minimal disruption in the event of unplanned downtime or disaster.

Dan Halle, Business Development Manager at ASA Automotive Systems, says the flexibility of the Progress OpenEdge database has enabled ASA to meet its customers’ needs by providing the industry’s leading shop management software solution to Tire Dealers. “Today, TireMaster Enterprise and TireMasterG4 are available as an on-premise, SaaS, or Cloud offering. We recently added a mobile component to the solution, enabling users to perform a number of ecommerce operations, like shipping, billing, wholesale order entry, bar code maintenance and physical inventory.”


Working at ASA for 18 years, Veronica Harding, Technical Services Manager for ASA Automotive Systems, knows firsthand how the Progress OpenEdge RDBMS database has continued to support and evolve with ASA over the years. “Just like ASA’s solutions, Progress OpenEdge keeps evolving over time to keep up with market trends and customer requirements. But throughout the years and different versions, OpenEdge has continued to be a very scalable and reliable database that is easy to install and easy to maintain.”

Harding says the Progress OpenEdge database does not require a significant level of experience or training. “It takes very little effort to install the system and get it up and running; you can almost do it right out of the box and from there the database more or less runs itself.”  This is particularly important to ASA because the majority of its 200 TireMaster Enterprise customers—some with up to 250 locations and thousands of users—rely on ASA to support their systems. “Because Progress OpenEdge is so reliable and easy to maintain, we can manage all of those installations with only two people. Although we love the Progress database, our primary job is selling our core products. We need a database that allows us to focus on those core products and not on database management. Progress has done that for us.”

One competitive differentiator for ASA, explains Harding, is its ability to cater to the needs of its customers despite their size or structure. “Whether the customer is operating a single store with a handful of users or has hundreds of locations with thousands of users, our underlying Progress OpenEdge database can easily scale to meet those needs while maintaining the highest performance levels.”

Harding says one of the most significant benefits of Progress OpenEdge is its flexibility. “Our developers’ focus should be on evolving our solution to meet the needs of our customers, whether it’s moving to the Cloud or developing a mobile feature. They can’t afford to spend cycles trying to figure out whether the database can or can’t accommodate our plans. The Progress OpenEdge database has never imposed any limitations on us. For example, it allows us to integrate with any third-party applications or interfaces we want to work with so that we can continue to grow our product, change our interfaces, add new features and functionality without any concerns. That flexibility helps us to be competitive in the market. Progress has always been able to provide us with what we need to grow.”

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