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With the rapid growth in artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of AI systems into various tech stacks has become a top priority for businesses. Progress® MarkLogic® is continuously investing in new technology and empowering its customers to eliminate data silos, simplify complex data, securely utilize the full potential of their data and act upon it in a timely manner.

With the application of AI, companies can interpret their data and work smarter by embedding large language models (LLMs) in their business-critical applications and systems.   Companies across different industries are exploiting the benefits of generative AI by applying it over their private data and embedding it in their business applications. We are witnessing a significant uptake in manufacturing, operations, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and more.

Generative AI is Only As Good as the Data It Uses to Generate Results

Generative AI and machine learning are great in performing data-human interactions, but these interactions need to be monitored and cross-checked to reduce hallucinations, data biases and ensure the accuracy of their outputs. Generative AI systems deliver good results to general questions. However, they are failing with more specific questions, like—what is the performance of company XX this year vs last year.

One of the biggest challenges of LLMs is they have general public knowledge, but they need to be made aware or have access to proprietary and non-public expertise. Modern enterprises are data-driven and LLMs and generative AI technologies require secure access to that enterprise data in a form sufficiently rich, real time and accurate to stand a chance to deliver more trustworthy and quality results.

Connecting enterprise data with a generative AI system can provide competitive advantages to businesses, leverage greater insights and provide more accurate and trustworthy answers.

Unlock the Value of Your Enterprise Data With the Merge of Generative AI Tools and a Unified Data Platform

Enhance data privacy with internal data control 

Customization and flexibility to fine-tune the model according to your business needs 

Improved accuracies, with unbiased data results and no hallucinations

Control the content generation and achieve data transparency

Achieve consistent results and trust with the LLM model 

Leveraging AI Models with Proprietary Data for enhanced Trustworthiness and Accuracy  

Prepopulating the generative AI’s short-term memory with semantically relevant enterprise knowledge can enhance the results of the AI systems. The integration of generative AI tools with MarkLogic and Semaphore can ensure the data quality, data enrichment, data governance and knowledge management practices are happening; all of which are critical for enabling AI models to deliver quality results.

MarkLogic and Semaphore are the foundation of a data and knowledge-centric architecture, allowing companies to leverage private data effectively, enhancing accuracy, governance and the overall user experience.

Although the realm of AI is far-reaching and uncharted, the potential is notable. With access to the proper technology and expert guidance, companies can invest in generative AI technology confidently in order to harness the power of AI in the future, allowing them to gain a short-term and long-term competitive advantage.

If you are looking at AI systems, especially LLMs or generative AI, then you should be looking at the combined power of MarkLogic and Semaphore in order to achieve the following:

  • Increased accuracy

  • Improved trustworthiness

  • Innovative cost-savings

  • Intuitive prompt creation & response understanding

  • Build on a solid enterprise data architecture instead of a one-off for an AI initiative



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