Demystifying Cognitive Approaches to Predictive Maintenance: Part 1

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Cognitive Approaches

McKinsey Global Institute predicts that by 2025 the Internet of Things will generate up to $11 trillion in value to the global economy. As companies compete with exploding volumes of data from sensors, the world of industrial analytics seems dominated by buzzwords rather than large scale implementations.

While much has been written about industrial digital transformation, only a few industrial companies have nailed the transformation given the complexity and magnitude.

Join our four-part webinar series aptly titled, "Demystifying Cognitive Approaches to Predictive Maintenance" hosted by Anita Rajasekaran, Principal Growth Hacker, DataRPM, to get industry perspectives based on the key lessons learned about scaling and operationalizing a “connected ecosystem” for Industrial IoT. The goal is to accurately target where the gaps exist and how companies can take advantage of cognitive approaches for higher machine lifetime and greater productivity.

In the first part, Aditya Murukutla, Senior Product Manager, DataRPM will present a comprehensive framework to realize the real potential of Industrial IoT and how companies can recognize, predict, respond and optimize the speed of digital change.

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