Maintenance and Support Pricing Policy

The following provides details on the Progress pricing policy as it relates to Maintenance and Support. As always if you have specific questions, we are happy to help.

Annual Price

It is Progress' policy to uplift the price of Maintenance and Support by the lesser of Progress' standard increase or CPI (or local inflation index). For customers with contractual pricing the terms of the contract supersede this policy.

Maintenance and Support Re-instatement

It is Progress’ policy to charge a re-instatement fee if a customer fails to purchase Maintenance and Support Services prior to the expiration of the current agreement. For Progress OpenEdge, Progress Corticon, and Progress Data Direct, the reinstatement fee is equal to two times the amount of the Maintenance and Support fee for the lapsed period. Plus, from the date of re-instatement the customer will be charged a minimum of one year of Maintenance and Support at standard (non discounted) prices. You can find additional information about Maintenance and Support Re-instatement in the Maintenance and Support Policy.

Maintenance and Support for Mature and Retired Products

It is Progress’ policy to uplift the price of Maintenance and Support for products as their life-cycle status advances.

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