For instructions on how to install DataDirect XML Converters, as well as product requirements and the supported Data Sources, please check:
  • Product Documentation XML Converters for Java
  • Product Documentation XML Converters for .Net

For assistance on the configuration, please see the appropriate document from the Quick Start section.

Some examples are shipped with the product and are located in the /examples subdirectory in the DataDirect XML Converters installation directory.

For help with error messages, please see the following resources:

Search the Knowledgebase for information on particular error codes and messages.
Check the Readme (Java), Readme (.Net) for known issues and Operating System or database patch requirements.

For detailed product information:

DataDirect XML Converters for Java

DataDirect XML Converters for .Net

If you have questions related to an evaluation installation, or the evaluation process, please see the Evaluation FAQ.