MarkLogic for Business Users

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Course Description

In MarkLogic for Business Users, you will learn what MarkLogic is, how it is used across the industry, and how it can deliver value to your business.

Attendees completing this course will be able to effectively answer these questions:

  • What is MarkLogic?
  • How is MarkLogic used throughout the industry?
  • How does MarkLogic bring value to a business?
  • How does MarkLogic technology work and how does that benefit a business?
  • How can I work with data stored in MarkLogic?
  • What types of projects is MarkLogic ideal for?


Business Users


One 2-hour class period

Course Outline

Learning What MarkLogic Is

  • What is a database and why is it important
  • Describe relational database technology
  • Describe MarkLogic NoSQL database technology
  • Describe the differences between database technologies and what that means from a business perspective

Explore Use Cases and Example Applications

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Publishing
  • Media and entertainment

Business Benefits of Using MarkLogic

  • Complex data integration
  • Fast time to market
  • Agility for the future
  • Built for the Enterprise

How MarkLogic Works and What That Means to Your Business

  • Flexible data model
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Trusted, transactional
  • Indexing and built-in search
  • Working with data in MarkLogic
  • Flexible, cost-effective architecture

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