Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development: Sitefinity 14



About the Certification

You can become a certified Sitefinity ASP.NET Developer by taking this certification exam. It applies to Sitefinity 14 and above.

To prepare, take the Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development: Sitefinity DX 14 course, which is available to you, at no cost, on your Content Library tab on the Progress Education Community



About the Exam

  • The exam costs $100 and includes web-based training materials, see How to Subscribe below Consists of 14 multiple-choice questions
  • Measures your ability to understand how you can design, style, develop, optimize, and troubleshoot Sitefinity applications
  • Graded automatically with 75% being the passing grade
  • Once started, the exam needs to be completed within 45 minutes - it cannot be paused and continued at a later stage
  • An official certificate and a “Certified Sitefinity ASP.NET Developer” badge acknowledging your expertise is automatically made available for you upon successfully passing the certification
The certification is valid for 2 years, after which a re-certification is required

Exam Retake Policy

In the event that you fail to pass the Sitefinity Developer Certification Exam, you shall be required to wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days before your next attempt. The 14-day waiting period will be imposed for all exam retakes (first and subsequent). In addition, all exam retakes require re-purchasing of the Sitefinity Developer Certification Exam. You can attempt the exam 5 times in a 12-month period.  

About the Tutorials

  • Delivered online via Progress Education Community 
  • Consist of 12 modules of videos and additional enablement resources related to each topic covered in the videos 
  • Free course with paid certification exam 

How to Subscribe

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Step 2 - Purchase Content

Visit the eCommerce page and find your content: Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development: Sitefinity 14. Purchase it via PayPal or credit card.
Note: Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email associated with your Progress ID on the Course Checkout page.

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Step 3 - Start Learning

When the transaction is complete, click the PEC logo to return to the home dashboard and access your purchased content.

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