Securing your Data with Progress OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption

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Course Description

This course is available via a subscription to the OpenEdge 11 Administrator learning path at $900 USD per user per year. See How to Subscribe below. 

OpenEdge with enterprise database license provides administrators with Transparent Data Encryption, the capability to secure their data in the database. Transparent Data Encryption can be a part of your security strategy that secures your data by implementing encryption on your database.


This course teaches how to use Transparent Data Encryption to secure data in a database while the data is at rest. In OpenEdge to secure your data using Transparent Data Encryption, you must first enable Encryption and then configure encryption policies to encrypt the data that is written to database from then. Once you configure encryption, you would need to manage the encrypted database and also the encryption itself.

This course is available as Instructor-Led Training.


Equivalent to 16 hours of instructor-led training

Product Version

Progress OpenEdge 11.1

What you will learn

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Plan and prepare to implement encryption on OpenEdge database using Transparent Data Encryption.
  • Enable Encryption for an OpenEdge database.
  • Configure encryption policies and encrypt existing data.
  • Manage encrypted data and encryption.


Students should already be able to:

  • Understand and perform database administration

How to Subscribe

This course is only available via a subscription to the OpenEdge 11 Administrator Learning Path  learning path.
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