Developing Business Entities for Progress OpenEdge Data Object Services

This course is for experienced ABL developers who are responsible for creating the server-side business logic for an OpenEdge ABL application.

Product Version: Progress OpenEdge 11.7.1     Duration: Equivalent to 4 hours of instructor-led training

Course Description

Progress OpenEdge Data Object Services provide client access to OpenEdge ABL application data. The business logic part of the ABL application includes Business Entity classes, whose instances run in an application server and provide data to the Data Object Services.

In this course, you will learn the requirements for developing a Business Entity and how the methods of a Business Entity are used to provide CRUD and Submit access to application data. First, you will learn how to create business entities using the New Business Entity wizard in Developer Studio. Then you will learn how you can customize generated code for your application. Finally, you will learn how you can create a Business Entity wrapper for an external procedure so that the procedure can be used to provide access to application data by the Data Object Service. 

What you will learn

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe what a Business Entity is.
  • Develop a Business Entity class
    • Using a database table
    • Using an include file
  • Customize a generated Business Entity class
  • Develop a Business Entity wrapper class for a procedure
    • Using a temp-table for the data
    • Using a dataset for the data


You should already be able to:

  • Write ABL code that uses:
    • Object-oriented ABL.
    • Temp-tables.
    • Datasets.
    • Query objects
  • Perform basic tasks in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge:
    • Define a workspace.
    • Create a project.
    • Use Project Explorer to navigate within the workspace.
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