MarkLogic Professional Certification

Get certified as a MarkLogic Developer or MarkLogic Administrator through this professional certification program. A growing need exists for professionals with the competencies and credibility required to handle new generation databases. Carrying a MarkLogic certification will ensure you have all of the essential knowledge and skills required to build and manage the MarkLogic powered applications that leading organizations are developing today.

How Do I Get Certified?

To start, you need to make sure you know MarkLogic. The certification exams will cover content that is taught in MarkLogic’s free training courses that you can sign up for online or view On Demand. It is also expected that successful candidates will have real-world experience to draw on as well.

To get certified, you have to pass two exams:

  1. A written multiple-choice exam
  2. A hands-on deliverables-based exam

Successful completion of the written exam is required in order to move on and take the hands-on exam, but both can be scheduled in advance. The exams are held virtually, so you’ll need a laptop with a web camera setup in advance. The written exam takes one hour and the hands-on deliverables-based exam takes no more than four hours.

Why Get Certified?

NoSQL ranks as one of the fastest growing job trends, and carrying a MarkLogic certification will improve your credibility with your employer and in the market. If you are certified, you can market your credentials for the version of MarkLogic that you receive your certification on (e.g. Certified MarkLogic 9 Developer or Certified MarkLogic 9 Administrator). And, you can also put the MarkLogic Certified logo on your business cards or personal website or to promote your skills.

Are There Any Prerequisites?

No, there are no prerequisites. However, successful candidates should have a mix of knowledge obtained from both MarkLogic University training and real-world experience.

What Topics Will be Covered?

The Developer exam covers a range of topics, including architecture, XPath and FLWOR, indexing, search, data modeling, transactions, security, and semantics. The Administrator exam covers a range of administration-focused topics, including architecture, configuration and deployment, indexing, search, data modeling, transactions, security, HA/DR, and monitoring.

What is the Cost?

There will be a fee of $150 for each exam, or a total of $300 in exam fees for the certification. You will be required to pay exam fees each time you take the exam in case you do not pass on the first try.

Do I Get a Cool Badge to Display My Certification?

You bet! For certification logo usage, please refer to the Logo Usage Guidelines.

Cancelation Policy

Please see the MarkLogic Training Terms and Conditions.