MarkLogic Security

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Course Description

Learn to secure your data with MarkLogic! This hands-on course will show you how to securely manage data inside the MarkLogic database.

Attendees completing this course will be able to:

  • Implement role based access control
  • Manage document permissions
  • Learn how role hierarchies work
  • Use element-level security and redaction to prevent leakage of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Encrypt data, configuration, and log files
  • Configure security for high performance


Business Users


4 hours


Course Outline

This course has the following units:

  • Basic document security
  • Performance considerations
  • Element-level security
  • Redaction
  • Compartment security
  • Encryption

How to Enroll

On-Demand Option

Learn on your own time! Take the class as time permits through our self-paced portal.

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Instructor-Led Option

This course is also available as a free publicly scheduled instructor-led course! Please, refer to our schedule to select the most suitable date for you.

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