Get Started with Corticon.js Rules

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Course Description

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The Get Started with Corticon.js Rules introduces Progress Corticon.js Studio to new members of a rule modeling team and demonstrates the steps to build, test, and deploy rules  


    Rules Architects, Rules Modelers, DevOps Engineers, and Rules Integrators.


    Equivalent to 2 hours of learning.

    Product Version

    This course is compatible with Corticon.js 1.4.

    What you will learn

    After taking this courseyou should be able to:  

    • Identify the key features of Corticon.js. 
    • Build a rule. 
    • Test a rule. 
    • Deploy a rule as a serverless function 


    There are no prerequisites for this course.  

    How to Subscribe

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    Step 1 - Log in

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    Note: You must activate your Progress ID prior to logging in to the Progress Education Community

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    Step 2 - Find Your Content & Start Learning

    Navigate to the Content Library and search for: Get Started with Corticon.js Rules. Then simply click the title for FREE access to the course.

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