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MOVEit Transfer Upgrade Service

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Service Details


The MOVEit Transfer Upgrade Service allows your system administrators or support personnel to work with our Consulting Services team to accomplish the following:

  • Conduct any pre-upgrade meetings to discuss strategy (up to 1 hour)
  • Assist with any necessary prep-work for the MOVEit Transfer software upgrade (up to 1 hour)
  • Assist in the upgrading of your production MOVEit Transfer server through Webex
  • In addition to your production server we can also assist with the upgrade of a second development server OR a DR server OR a Node2 server as part of a two node MOVEit Transfer Web farm deployment
  • Verify success of the upgrade
  • Perform follow-up call to answer any questions regarding the upgrade. (up to 30 minutes).

Prerequisites and Conditions

The in-place upgrade service does not include an after-hours fee. Additional charges will apply if the upgrade must be completed outside of normal business hours (8am-6pm Central Time). Additional conditions and prerequisites include:

  • The current production MOVEit system must be on a supported platform (e.g. Windows Server 2008(R2), Windows Server 2012(R2), Windows Server 2016)
  • The new version of MOVEit must also be supported on the current OS platform
  • The MOVEit database must not exceed 2 GB in size and must not require a conversion to MSSQL
  • The MOVEit Transfer File Store will not be relocated as part of the services.
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