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MOVEit Gateway Implementation Services

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Service Details

Our commitment to you extends beyond the initial purchase of our products. Following your purchase, our team of Progress Professional Services Technical Consultants is dedicated to ensuring a prompt, efficient, and successful deployment of our software.

Our MOVEit Gateway offers a DMZ proxy feature designed to facilitate MOVEit Transfer deployments within secure networks, ensuring compliance with stringent data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Progress Professional Services offers customized MOVEit Gateway Implementation Services tailored to your business requirements. Our primary implementation service encompasses the following key components:

  • Deployment of a singular MOVEit Gateway Server
  • Configuration of a singular MOVEit Gateway to- MOVEit Transfer connection

Our Implementation Service allows your system administrators or support personnel to collaborate with our Technical Consultants for up to three hours, covering installation and post-implementation support. This collaboration includes:

Project Planning

  • Strategy discussions for implementation
  • Verification of prerequisites
  • Activity scheduling
  • Implementation:

Installation of the MOVEit Gateway server software

  • Configuration of the MOVEit Gateway settings on the server
  • Establishment of secure connections between MOVEit Gateway and MOVEit Transfer
  • Customization of proxies with certificates, ports, or keys.
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