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MOVEit Automation System Health Check

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Service Details

Progress’s MOVEit Automation System Health Check service allows your system administrators to work directly with our experienced engineers to ensure that your environment is configured to maximize the value of your investment. During this engagement, we will review configurations based on proven best practices, such as:

System configurations

  • Ensure that TrimStats and Tamper Check are running properly
  • Review the log archive folder, and clean-up, if necessary
  • Check Backup procedures to make sure they are up-to-date and working properly
  • Discuss development server if not already in place
  • Review troubleshooting procedures

Hosts configurations

  • Confirm that UNC Hosts are built to the highest folder level possible
  • Ensure that MOVEit Automation Hosts are configured to use file notifications when possible
  • Check for empty host

Tasks configurations

  • Optimize schedules to decrease the amount of unnecessary overhead on the system
  • Remove incomplete tasks and test tasks when possible
  • Disable or Remove tasks that continuously run, but do not transfer and files
  • Convert strung together tasks into advanced tasks when plausible
  • Configure Next Actions to use Global Parameters over repetitive text
  • Convert advanced tasks, that don’t have to be advanced tasks, to traditional tasks
  • Convert synchronization tasks to traditional tasks where plausible

Script configurations

  • Ensure all custom scripts have a visible description
  • Remove custom scripts that are no longer in use

Certificates and Key configurations

  • Remove certificates and keys that are no longer in use
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