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Unlock the Potential of Next-generation Information Apps

The MarkLogic Quick Start program makes it easy for you to evaluate MarkLogic’s capabilities and strengths through a working pilot, where we’ll focus on helping you accomplish three major objectives:

Ensure your first MarkLogic project is a resounding success

Create a repeatable model to ensure future successes

Deliver a working pilot application underpinned by a best-practice architecture

Getting Started Quick Start Service

Getting Started

In an agile, iterative manner, we’ll help you build pilot functionality. Fundamental program activities include the following:

  • Data ingestion and migration strategy, including ingestion of sample data
  • Data access and delivery channel capability
  • Software and information architecture

With our proven Quick Start approach, you’ll gain a working pilot that demonstrates how MarkLogic enables you to leverage all your data to meet your information accessibility, sharing, and delivery needs.

The Quick Start Approach

The Quick Start approach affords you a great deal of flexibility in choosing which business scenario to target as the working pilot. Based on our experience implementing high-value, rapid-return solutions, we’ll work closely with you to determine the scenario that makes the most sense for your organization. This process will involve collaborating on the following four pre-implementation planning activities:

Identify a business scenario for initially applying MarkLogic

Identify goals relative to this initial data-management project

Identify resources and targeted timeline for implementation

Identify key factors that can influence project success

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