Common Problems

Customers use MarkLogic Consultants to help solve some of the world’s most challenging data problems. Our uniquely experienced team uses a delivery methodology we’ve refined with learnings and best practices from hundreds of implementations.

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Learn More About Some Common Challenges We Help Customers Navigate

Oracle Migration

Geared toward organizations transitioning away from legacy relational databases, the Oracle DBMS Migration Accelerator includes MarkLogic product training, mentoring, onsite data migration support, and knowledge transfer.

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Mainframe Migration

We support your mainframe migration with highly skilled consultants and instructors, who provide product training and expert technical guidance. We can also help you redesign applications to unlock the power of all your data.

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Hadoop Migration

Jump-start MarkLogic + Hadoop integrations with the Deployment Accelerator for Hadoop. We provide technical direction, architecture and design documents, and hands-on implementation support to get a prototype up and running.

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AWS Consulting Services

As-needed and on-demand, we’re here for you. By providing services and support for direct coding, requirements and sizing, Q&A, and knowledge transfer, we can help you reach top-level performance of MarkLogic on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Object-Based Intelligence

Build applications with our Object-Based Intelligence (OBI) approach for significant tradecraft gains, presenting data as real-world objects. We’ll work with you to leverage previous learnings and pre-existing IP to speed implementations.

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GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance isn’t easy. We can help deliver deeper insights and opportunities to increase public trust.

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MiFID II Regulations

Regulatory reforms call for data reformation. Accelerate your compliance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) within 30 days.

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MarkLogic Quick Start Guides

New to MarkLogic? Get up and running in no time. These three Quick Start Guides will help you integrate and operationalize your data with speed and ease.

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Whether for data management, search, or analytics, MarkLogic is often the answer.