Center of Excellence

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What is a Center of Excellence?

A MarkLogic Center of Excellence creates a team of experts within your organization who will ensure you get the fullest value out of your MarkLogic investment. It also ensures you acquire the tools, skills, and processes needed to support that investment.

Project A Project D Project E Project F MarkLogic Center of Excellence Reusable Components Knowledge Base Trained Experts Training & Ramping Project B Project C

How Does a Center of Excellence Help My Organization?

Higher ROI from fully leveraging and properly implementing MarkLogic

Decreased implementation and platform support costs

Accelerated deployment as a result of reusable code, reference libraries, and best practices

Mitigated risk due to deep MarkLogic expertise

Increased agility with resources who are able to respond rapidly to issues and requests

Optimum solution for each problem

Quality and predictability from institutionalized best practices

Established standards and guidelines derived from both your business and MarkLogic technology

How Do You Set Up a MarkLogic Center of Excellence?

MarkLogic supports your Center of Excellence from initiation through operation.

Baseline Assessment

MarkLogic works with you to assess your current adoption level of MarkLogic including infrastructure, tools, precesses and staff skills.

Implementation Plan

MarkLogic provides proposed actions and recommends timelines to stand up your COE

Stand Up MarkLogic COE

MarkLogic works with you implement your COE

MarkLogic Center of Excellence

MarkLogic can help staff your COE with resources and expertise at a level that meets your needs

We assist your organization with implementing initial functionality while training and mentoring your staff. Then, we transition into an advisory capacity, as needed, over time.


Who Should Be in My Center of Excellence?

Team Lead

Team Lead

A good communicator. Runs cross-organisation integration projects. Understands how to connect applications within the existing infrastructure.

Technical Wizard

Technical Wizard

Deepest understanding of the intricacies of integration software.



Corporate face of CoE. Doesn’t run projects, but handles the administrative end, including the budget.

Master Architect

Master Architect

Conceives the enterprise’s integration environment. Integration models compliance. Knowledge of the overall direction of integration technology.

Application Expert

Application Expert

Understands/develops integration applications.Web services and APIs. Creates and maintains meta data.

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Set Up Your COE

Let’s talk about setting up your MarkLogic Center of Excellence.