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Who we are

The Software Asset Management Program was established more than 10 years ago. The team consists of experienced Progress IT advisors, experts in licensing following the industry Software Asset Management standards.

What do we do?

We provide our customers with a transparent and definite assessment of their licensing position. We focus on helping customers and partners manage their Progress Software (“PS”) environment on an on-going basis by striking a balance between customer needs and our licensing policy.

Working with Software Asset Management will allow you to gain a better knowledge of the Progress Software configurations and architectures, optimize the use of your software assets and realize the benefits of effective license management.

Delivering Effective Software Asset Management

License Entitlements and License Agreements.

We provide our customers with a full understanding of their License Entitlements that eliminates the need to keep separate records and therefore excludes errors that can be associated with multiple license tracking methods. Help them to fully understand the agreement/s that govern the relationship between Progress Software (“PS”) and the customer and propose alternative solutions for issues that can be associated with license mismanagement.

Determine and Monitor Software Usage.

The SAM process assists customers in effectively monitoring their utilization of PS products. We recommend methods through which customers can optimize their usage allocation and therefore ensure optimum value from your PS license investment while ensuring that customers are compliant.

License Requirements and Future Planning.

When it comes to future requirements (company growth, application expansion, moving to cloud, upgrading at a latest version, mergers, license transfers and acquisitions) there are a number of things that customers will have to consider. Our SAM team can help customers understand, budget and plan for future licensing requirements accordingly.

Software Asset Management