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Choosing the right technology for the long term can be a difficult exercise. You have to base your decision on both current requirements and an undetermined set of future needs. Most of all, you need a solution that fits your business—where possible, right out of the box.

Progress Software focuses on the underlying technology so our application partners get to focus on functionality and end users get applications that meet the needs of business. Our combination of proven technology and industry expertise has provided partners around the world with a distinct competitive edge, and their customers with the highest levels of satisfaction.

By the Numbers

Today, over 5000 applications are built on the Progress platform by our channel partners, powering over 50,000 businesses worldwide. These applications include:

Business Area Industry Niche
ERP Aerospace and Defense
Retail Travel and Leisure
Banking Healthcare
Distribution Manufacturing
Inventory management Real Estate
HR Finance
Payroll Transportation
Point-of-sale Food and Beverage
e-commerce Entertainment

Key Features and Benefits

  • Scalability: Our infrastructure is designed to easily accommodate up to tens of thousands of users, so technology will never limit your business growth.
  • Reliability: We like this quote from one of our end users, because it says it better that we ever could: “Even the 2012 phone system is down more minutes per month than our database has been over 6+ years!”
  • Cost: According to Nucleus Research, companies can reasonably expect to devote 70 percent fewer resources to support a Progress application than one running on Oracle. In addition, Progress applications don't require a full-time DBA, have a low resource footprint, reducing hardware and software costs, and require little to no maintenance.
  • Future-proofed: Of course, it's impossible to predict future computing requirements. But Progress takes away some of the worry by supporting industry standards and trends, including SQL, cloud and mobile, which are necessary for success at the application and business level.
  • Choice: Our platform is always standards-based, so you can choose the hardware or operating system that works for you.

Recent Customer Successes

WSIPC: A US public agency serving Washington's school districts purchased a SaaS solution from Skyward, USA, Powered by Progress™ - to restructure its technology infrastructure thereby lowering costs and improving efficiency

“We run 800,000 kids through this system; 65,000 educators and close to 2-3 million parents or guardians. And in the eight years that we have used Skyward, not once has it gone down because of the Progress database. Progress has always satisfied our key requirements for reliability, scalability, high performance, ease of use, and low maintenance. If you look at us versus other districts that use Oracle for their infrastructure, they are left with a million-dollar, ongoing licensing fee every year. I can’t understand why anyone would choose a solution that continues to drain money out of K-12 (kindergarten through 12th grade). The largest amount of our budget shouldn’t have to go towards technology solutions."

Marty Daybell, CEO, Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC)

The Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) is a unique public agency that provides quality information services at a reasonable cost to the state’s school districts. In order to restructure its technology infrastructure and replace its three separate application offerings with one integrated software solution, the agency chose an integrated student and financial management application developed by Progress partner, Skyward, delivered through a SaaS model. WSIPC’s customers can now benefit from an unparalleled system that streamlines operations, reduces costs, increases visibility and simplifies the reporting process.

Check out the full case study.

Associated Bank: A US bank based in the Mid-West purchased the ImageRPS solution from WAUSAU Financial Services, Powered by Progress™ - to grow their customer base

“We have added 40%-60% new customers in one year because of the new functionality and scalability of our system.”

Karl Durant, Senior Vice President and Director of Deposit & Payment Services, Associated Bank

Associated Bank is a financial institution located throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. The bank wanted to grow the business by having the flexibility to meet individual customer needs. The OpenEdge®-based ImageRPS solution from Progress® Application Partner WAUSAU Financial Services, provides this, adding 40%-60% new customers in one year, doubling its return on investment (ROI)—with just a 17% increase in lockbox staff despite volume growth.

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T-Mobile: The EMEA-based telco purchased the MamboFive Commerce Suite SaaS solution from Progress Partner TIE Kinetix, Powered by Progress™ - to generate more revenue

“First and foremost, we needed a solution that offered the flexibility to quickly and easily meet the ever-changing, on- demand needs of the industry...Management requirements were just as important to us, if not more so. Flexibility, cost, time-to-market, agility—those were the elements that were going to give us the business success and competitive advantage we were looking for. In most cases, you can easily add functionality, but those other elements are far more complex and dependent on the very foundation of a solution. We were looking for an easy-to-use webshop for our customers. With MamboFive we have minimized the number of steps related to placing an order. In addition, we are now able to offer richer content: customer reviews, up sell opportunities, stock information and detailed product descriptions. As a result thereof, we are able to increase the conversion and generate more revenue from our webshop.”

Tessel Jarigsma, SVP for Internet and New Media, T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the top three global wireless carriers and is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, serving 150 million subscribers across Europe and the United States. T-Mobile’s Netherlands IT group needed to improve its customized online ecommerce portal. They implemented MamboFive Commerce Suite SaaS solution from Progress Partner TIE Kinetix, Powered by Progress™; Following the new implementation T-Mobile simplified the customer buying experience, offering richer content such as customer reviews, up sell opportunities, stock information and detailed product descriptions, increased conversion rates, and generated more revenue from its ecommerce portal.

Check out the full case study.

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