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Why a Business Rules Engine is Essential for Child Welfare Programs

Over the last 20 years, child welfare department leaders hoped that a statewide automated child welfare information system (SACWIS) would streamline case management, give caseworkers access to more data to make child welfare decisions and improve the agency’s overall operations. Instead, they were left with severe technical issues, among a host of other issues.

Proposed changes in federal rules will allow states to modernize their case management systems, employ a more modular approach and integrate additional technology to streamline child welfare management. One such technology—a business rules engine—can help child welfare agencies automate the rules that go into decision-making, allowing them to be more agile as federal regulations change.

Business rules engines can:
•    Streamline processes and service delivery
•    Improve customer service through consistent, equitable, user-friendly, easy-to-access services
•    Improve interoperability so rules can be used across multiple programs such as SNAP, TANF and state child welfare programs
•    Expedite the traditional development and decision-making cycle
•    Be updated quickly to reflect regulatory changes

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