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4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Build High-Productivity Apps: The Data Scientist Way

For most companies, Data Science comes as an afterthought when building mobile/web-apps. In an attempt to woo new age users, these companies resort to building a large and expensive Data Science (DS) practice in-house. Since the DS practice is kept separate from legacy development, the data scientists cannot influence app development. Instead, they relegate themselves to business intelligence and analytics after grappling with data quality, data wrangling, basic DS tools and infrastructure. 

In this session, we'll learn how to design and build Cognitive High-Productivity Apps using the Progress platform which puts “Data” first. We will not only use Data Science to find interesting insights from your apps, but also architect apps that are specifically crafted to delight customers with techniques such as prediction, recommendation, pattern recognition and clustering woven into the very fabric of the product offering.


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High-Productivity Application Development

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