1. Wire protocol architecture eliminates the need for client libraries, simplifying development and eliminating configuration and support issues.
  2. Consistently supports the latest, most complete implementation of the ODBC specification and the latest operating systems and database versions and features
  3. DataDirect Technologies is committed to quality assured by rigorous product testing and uses the largest in-house ODBC test suite in the industry.
  4. Strategic technology relationships with the top database vendors make DataDirect Technologies unique in the industry.
  5. DataDirect Technologies has played a strong leadership role in the ODBC standard from the beginning with leadership roles in early ODBC expert panels (ANSI, ISO SQL CLI X/Open SQL Access Group Open Group SQL CLI).
  6. DataDirect Connect64 is the industry's only complete suite of 64-bit wire protocol drivers for all major databases. DataDirect Connect64 enables customers to take full advantage of the processing power of 64-bit applications by providing high performance, highly scalable data connectivity.

The complete 32-bit DataDirect Connect for ODBC support matrix is available here.

The complete 64-bit DataDirect Connect for ODBC support matrix is available here.

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