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19 - 20 July 2017 | The Hilton Hotel, Sydney

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Today’s Challenges Demand Bold Solutions: Come Find Yours

Every business has unique challenges. What we share is the need to boost performance in ever smarter and leaner ways that leverage innovation at every turn. Data is exploding. Digital devices are proliferating and user interfaces taking on many new forms. The need to deliver sophisticated applications faster than ever before has never been greater.

Join us for an in-depth conversation about the importance of reexamining your business strategy. How applying technology for a customer-first approach can be a keystone to transforming how you do everything for the better. Learn more about:

  • Flexible front-end tooling to deliver an engaging, multi-channel UX

  • A modern, reliable, scalable and secure back-end to build and run microservices

  • Leading data connectivity capabilities to harness data from any business system and any other data source on-premise or in the cloud

  • What’s new in OpenEdge 11.7—The Power Behind Your Business

  • And much, more more

You’ll emerge smarter, inspired and motivated to conquer your business challenges—and you’ll have fun doing it.


What is Progress Exchange Sydney 2017?

This interactive two-day conference is the most important Progress event of the year, and a must for all Progress partners and users. You choose the topics most relevant to your business challenges with unfettered access to Progress subject matter experts.

Progress Exchange is your opportunity to network with more than 150 of your peers, fully engage with Progress technologies, and leave with business, industry and technical knowledge you can leverage immediately to deliver for your customers and grow your business.

Get ready to innovate and Build Tomorrow’s Business Applications Today. Join us for Progress Exchange Sydney 2017.

Cost: Event registration and meals are free. Attendees pay for travel, hotel and other costs.

Why Attend

Why attend Progress Exchange Sydney 2017?

Progress Exchange Sydney 2017 is the premier APJ event for Progress partners and end users.
Over the course of three days, attendees will:

  • Craft their own agenda based on their individual business challenges

  • Have unlimited access to Progress subject matter experts

  • Sharpen their skills in more than 20 comprehensive workshops where they handle the technology directly

  • Gain knowledge they can leverage immediately to deliver innovative solutions for customers and grow the business

  • Network among more than 150 of their peers

  • Hear directly from Progress leaders in keynotes designed to inform and inspire

  • Enjoy complimentary registration and meals

  • Get our exclusive discounted lodging rate


Our 2017 Progress Exchange agenda is designed to provide you with the strategies, insights and tools you'll need to lead the next generation of IT, achieving tomorrow’s business outcomes today.

Day 1 Wednesday 19 July 2017

08:00 - 08:30

Registration and Arrival Coffee, STATE ROOM

08:30 - 08:45

Welcome Address

Mark Armstrong, Vice President, International (EMEA & APJ)

08:45 - 9:35

The Progress Vision and Strategy – The Road Ahead

Colleen Smith, Vice President, Customer Advocacy, Core Products

09:35 - 09:55

Showcasing Progress' Best Kept Secrets

Various Presenters

Hear from leading organisations in a Tedx-style forum about how they've benefited from Progress technology.

09:55 - 10:15

Morning Tea, Hilton Hotel

10:20 - 11:10

Stream 1 & Stream 2:

What's New in OpenEdge 11.7 and Beyond

Agility, security, scalability, simplified installation, robust SQL capabilities and more are packed into the latest release of OpenEdge. Attend this session for an overview of the key features and benefits in OpenEdge 11.7, including:

  • Operating at scale with the new OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC) so you can facilitate accurate, efficient ETL synchronization with other data sources and data warehouses
  • High availability through Replication Target Synchronization and Online Activation Index
  • Application security with OpenEdge Authentication Gateway ensuring trusted identity management
  • SQL enhancements, streamlined installation and much more

We’ll also cover the OpenEdge Product Roadmap and discuss how we’ll continue to help our customers and partners build the world’s best business applications.

Sitefinity Stream:

Sitefinity Roadmap and What's New in v10.1

We'll examine the Sitefinity Product Roadmap and you’ll learn about our commitment to help digital marketers, developers and IT keep pace with shifting marketplace demands. Learn about our latest list of continuous improvements to Progress Sitefinity including:

  • Streamlined user authentication by combining social logins and role mapping
  • Improved diagnostic tools to track down and mitigate bugs faster
  • Customised persona scoring and more
11:15 - 12:05

Stream 1:

Kendo UI Builder Roadmap

In this session, we’ll reveal our roadmap for Kendo UI Builder, which empowers you to rapidly transform your OpenEdge application enabling you to deliver high-performing, elegant web applications.

Stream 2:

Introducing OpenEdge Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a tracking mechanism that enables applications to determine the changes made to user tables in a database, capture the changes and publish the data to an external data source without replicating the entire database.
This session will provide an introductory overview of what CDC is, how it’s supported in OpenEdge, getting started and ongoing management.

Sitefinity Stream:

The Evolution of Digital Experience Marketing

Learn how Digital Experience Marketing has evolved and the importance of a digital experience strategy in any marketing organization.
12:10 - 13:00

Stream 1:

Working with OpenEdge Data and Business Logic in a Kendo UI Builder Application

Kendo UI Builder automates the data binding and CRUD operations for its pre-defined templates. When working with the blank template or adding custom behavior, it’s necessary to understand the JSDO and how to work with its ProDataSet-like API. This session also explores options for securing OpenEdge Data Object Services and how to handle setup and login in a web application including the new SSO option available with PAS for OpenEdge and the Authentication Gateway in 11.7.

Stream 2:

An OpenEdge Modernization Journey

This session will take a deep dive into a NA distribution company that had some difficult choices to make. The company needed to take action in order to keep up with the competition and a younger, mobile workforce.

Sitefinity Stream:

Wintec Uni New Zealand

Driving Leads Through Optimised Campaign Performance

* Case Study by Enlighten Design Enlighten Design presents

Managing the Change with Wintec Waikato Institute of Technology

A customer success story changing the journey of student enrollment for tens of thousands of students each year. You’ll learn that with the right strategy, partners and technology you’ll encounter unlimited success.
13:00 - 13:35

Lunch, Hilton Hotel

13:40 - 14:30

Stream 1:

Barbarians at the Gate. Keep Them at Bay With OpenEdge Authentication Gateway

OpenEdge Authentication Gateway protects your application and database using separation of duties and processes for authentication and authorization. You’ll learn how it eliminates the need to develop and maintain your own application authentication and authorization modules.

Stream 2:

A Holistic View of Pro2

OpenEdge Pro2 Replication Suite is the easiest and most cost-effective approach for replicating OpenEdge databases to MS SQL Server, Oracle or another OpenEdge database. It removes connectivity limitations without disruption to normal business operations or risk to the transactional database. This session delivers an overview of Pro2’s replication architecture and its ultra-cool features, including a demo of Pro2 with CDC.

Sitefinity Stream:

Adelphi Digital presents

Behavioural Psychology in User Experience and Conversion Design

The use of psychology in traditional marketing and advertising landscapes is nothing new. With the rise of design thinking applied in the ever changing digital space, this presentation will explore practical insights into user behaviour, the application of behavioural psychology in experience design and how that can be translated to your journey when adopting experience management technologies [like Sitefinity].
14:35 - 15:25

Stream 1:

Progress Rollbase for IoT—A Customer Success Story

Progress partner Kingslake is one of the many businesses tapping into the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to empower its apps. Kingslake created TranSmart, an innovative IoT solution powered by Progress Rollbase that enables businesses to build powerful new solutions in record time, all while providing unprecedented levels of intelligence and adaptability.
Attend this session and learn:

  • How Kingslake leveraged Rollbase to incorporate IoT capabilities into its TranSmart system
  • How Rollbase enables Kingslake to quickly customize its solution for new applications, such as cargo transport and tour operations
  • How to build an IoT solution quickly and easily to deliver real business value

Stream 2:

OpenEdge Analytics360 Integration

This session demonstrates the ability to call Progress ABL code through a Progress AppServer and use the resultant dataset within Analytics360, plus the ability to call R libraries from the product for advanced, predictive capabilities.

Sitefinity Stream:

DevOps with Sitefinity and Atlassian

Join Folio1 as they present their insights around Project Life Cycle & CI/CD with Project Sitefinity 10
15:25 - 15:40

Afternoon Tea, Hilton Hotel

15:45 - 16:35

Stream 1:

Source Code Analysis for OpenEdge using SonarQube

How do you measure and maintain code quality beyond "it compiles, ship it"? SonarQube is a standard tool to perform both static code analysis as well as determination of unit test coverage. This presentation will introduce SonarQube and the OpenEdge plugin available since 2016 and demonstrate how it can be used to find (potential) problems in your ABL code before they become a problem for the users. The session highlights features of SonarCube and requirements for analyzing OpenEdge source code with the toolset.

Stream 2:

The Journey Room Experience
Be immersed in the future of technology

Join us in the Journey Room as we take real life business challenges and apply a new and novel way in which to overcome them. This is an interactive session that will be sure to have you inspired to apply a new level of thinking and unlock innovative thought processes that will benefit you in your current day to day projects.

  • Delivering the Experience: (Digital Business Platform) – Interact with a modern/modernised platform that could deliver products and services in new ways
  • Engaging the Prospect: (Digital Marketing) – Uncover needed solutions to understand what customers want and their behavior as they connect with us through the new digital channels
  • Delighting the Customer: (Personalisation) – Give customers an engaging, relevant experience, irrespective of how they touch the organization
  • Operational Excellence:(HA, DR, Analytics) – Discovering what’s behind the screen is just as important as what’s on the screen

Sitefinity Stream:

Drive Lead Generation Through Experience Personalization and Optimization

The number of customers deciding what to buy before they engage personally with a company is skyrocketing. Organizations that can effectively segment and personalize anonymous users will have a huge advantage over their competitors. Learn how to use Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to provide a personalized experience for both named and anonymous customers.
16:40 - 17:30

Stream 1:

PAS: the New Goodness. Where Does My WebSpeed Fit In?

If you think PAS with all its benefits is only for AppServers, that’s not the case. Your WebSpeed application can reap the same benefits of switching to the PAS platform as well.
This session explores PAS WebSpeed benefits and pitfalls, the steps necessary to migrate your existing classic WebSpeed site to PAS alone with implementation and configuration recommendations.

Stream 2:

Case Study: Platform and Data Migration With Minimal Downtime

A large logistics company needed to upgrade their application while simultaneously migrating from AIX to Linux. As part of the application upgrade, many tables needed to be transformed, so standard dump and load techniques weren’t possible and available downtime was limited. See the planning process and learn what tools were used to do this migration within the allotted downtime.

Sitefinity Stream:

Streamline Your Mobile Experience

The future of the web is mobile. Guarantee that your customers are getting the best mobile experience. Native app or mobile browser—find out your options for mobile with Sitefinity.
18:30 - 21:00

Networking Drinks -  Zeta Bar @ Hilton

Day 2 Thursday 20 July 2017

08:00 - 08:30

Registration and Arrival Coffee, Hilton Hotel

8:30 - 9:20

Stream 1:

Is Your Business Secure? Addressing Risk at the Technical Level

The need to ensure the security of your information and environment has never been greater. Progress Sr Principal Product Manager, Rob Straight, outlines the business and technical considerations of a secure environment across database, server and application, and how Progress can help you achieve a truly secure business.

Stream 2:

Database Diagnostics

Come to this session to find out how you can take full advantage of the OpenEdge Database Diagnostics feature to improve the manageability of your deployments.

Sitefinity Stream:

Website Development at Progress - "Eating Our Own Dogfood"

Sitefinity is the core to Progress's digital marketing strategy. Find out how we develop and manage thousands of pieces of content throughout our websites.
9:25 - 10:15

Stream 1:

Introducing the JavaScript Data Object (JSDO)

The JavaScript Data Object has been introduced by Progress Software as the standard interface to OpenEdge business logic from JavaScript clients, such as browser based or mobile phone apps. The session will introduce the JSDO, it's basic usage concepts and will present how the JSDO can be used with Telerik's Kendo UI toolkit as well as the Angular framework. The session concludes with the presentation of the OpenEdge backend components required to link the JSDO to your application code.

Stream 2:

What do you have to hide, my friend?

One company's trash can be another company's treasure and in a world of cunning plans, sneaky hacks, and data theft why risk leaving your data exposed? In this session I will walk through the obvious and some not so obvious scenarios that may make you think twice about the value of your data. I will then demonstrate how you can easily add an additional level of security to your database without affecting your application, using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

Sitefinity Stream:

Five common website faux pas and how to solve them with Sitefinity

You’ve worked hard for months trying to gather and deliver all the must have requirements for your new website and finally it’s “go live” day. You charge your glasses at the well deserved go live after party, BUT, I guarantee there’s one item in this list that you have missed! Come along and learn how you can increase the effectiveness of your website with practical examples of how to solve these common omissions. If you have done all these five and can prove it, there is a free prize to be won.
10:15 - 10:30

Morning Tea, Hilton Hotel

10:35 - 11:25

Stream 1:

Software Configuration Management Primer

Every day, more projects. More code to be developed, managed, stored, and… shoot! That code change we rolled out last week is having some… interesting side effects. Can we reverse it and try again? There are a lot of ways to manage all of development work your team does. With the practices and tools you have in place, is your team set up to win … or just to get by? In this session, we’ll walk you through a simple Software Configuration Management (SCM) Litmus Test. Whether your organization passes or fails, you’ll leave with a better sense of what its strengths and weaknesses are and see firsthand how implementing mature SCM practices can make work life easier for everyone.

Stream 2:

The Bunker Series

The intrepid Bunkateers are at it again. Find out what they are up to this year. In years past experiments included - Linux benchmarking - VMWare benchmarking - Table Partitioning - Dump and Load benchmarking You will have to attend this years session to see what is next.

Sitefinity Stream:

Web Content Management, Reimagined

Find out what’s in the works for future Sitefinity releases. New improvements to UI and UX will leave you begging to get into the beta.
11:30 - 12:20

Stream 1:

Progress Developer Studio - Extreme

The session highlights built in productivity features in Progress Developer Studio as well as 3rd party plugins available to improve developer productivity. It covers settings and best practices for using the IDE and maximize a developers experience.

Stream 2:

What's New in OpenEdge Replication?

OpenEdge Replication is one of the most popular OpenEdge disaster recovery solutions used today. In this session we will take a look at some substantial enhancements made to OpenEdge Replication in recent releases including Replication Sets, Replication Agent Restart and VST additions. From this session you will walk away with a good understanding of new DR possibilities and features that can improve the monitoring and managing of your OpenEdge Replication environment.

Sitefinity Stream:

Turn Sitefinity into a Social Powerhouse

Social is a major channel for engaging your customers and growing brand and product awareness. Many organisations don’t have the time or money to dedicate full time resources to growing their social footprint. In this session we are going to discover how you can configure Sitefinity for a great social experience for your visitors; have Sitefinity take on some of the load of staying socially active and explore some creative ways you could use Sitefinity to drive customer engagement. Press “LIKE” to attend!
12:20 - 12:50

Lunch, Hilton Hotel

12:55 - 13:45

Stream 1:

The Power of Single Sign-On in OpenEdge

With single sign-on (SSO), users are authenticated only once, regardless of how many other applications they attempt to access after the initial login. In general, this is achieved when the SSO Identity Provider (IDP) sends the target applications an assertion that the user has been authenticated and should be trusted by that app.
OpenEdge provides built-in SSO support within ABL applications, where a sealed security token can be used to set the user's identity for different ABL sessions and database connections. This session will give you an overview of SSO support in OpenEdge, configuration details, plus a detailed demo using a REST application.

Stream 2:

The Journey Room Experience
Be immersed in the future of technology

Join us in the Journey Room as we take real life business challenges and apply a new and novel way in which to overcome them. This is an interactive session that will be sure to have you inspired to apply a new level of thinking and unlock innovative thought processes that will benefit you in your current day to day projects.

  • Delivering the Experience: (Digital Business Platform) – Interact with a modern/modernised platform that could deliver products and services in new ways
  • Engaging the Prospect: (Digital Marketing) – Uncover needed solutions to understand what customers want and their behavior as they connect with us through the new digital channels
  • Delighting the Customer: (Personalisation) – Give customers an engaging, relevant experience, irrespective of how they touch the organization
  • Operational Excellence:(HA, DR, Analytics) – Discovering what’s behind the screen is just as important as what’s on the screen

Sitefinity Stream:

Optimizing the Customer Journey - Who Would Have Guessed It’s All About Content?

Your conversion rates are only as good as your understanding of the customer journey. In today’s digital world, engaging content that drives the prospect through their journey is crucial. But marketers often lack easy-to-use tools to know who to target and what works and what doesn’t. Learn how you can increase conversions and generate more leads by nurturing your best target segments with personalized experiences.
13:50 - 14:40

Stream 1:

Corticon and OpenEdge Together

This session delivers an overview of Corticon and its integration with other Progress and non-Progress products. Two demos focus on how parameterized rules can provide simple and safe end user access to manage appropriate classes of business rules. You’ll also see various ways to support multi-tenancy in your business rules and decision services.

Stream 2:

Docker for OpenEdge

Running through the traditional install process for OpenEdge can be time consuming, particularly if you have a certain combination of products that you use for each installation. What if you could just download an image of those products already installed, activate them from a simple copy of a .cfg file and have all your product configurations ready to go?
This session will show how to use Docker to quickly set up an OpenEdge installation, obtain a progress.cfg file, point to the pre-determined product configurations and get going with OpenEdge in minutes.

Sitefinity Stream:

Sitefinity: Extensible and Flexible

A great platform needs to be both extensible and flexible to meet all your current and future needs. Learn how Sitefinity is built with both in mind as we delve into the new Web Service Factory and the Add-Ons framework.
14:45 - 15:00

Afternoon Tea, Hilton Hotel

Day 2 Technical Workshops*

15:05 - 18:00

Stream 1:

The New Progress AppServer for OpenEdge: Introduction and getting started

The latest Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OE) is built on top of Apache Tomcat and provides a wealth of new functionality and configurability. This workshop will go through how to set up the PAS for OE. You will be able to setup and run the PAS for OE AppServer in your test environment and run code against PAS for OE. You will leave feeling confident about being able to set up and test PAS for OE in your environment.

Stream 2:

Change Data Capture (CDC) and CDC With Analytics Tool Use Cases

Over the last few years, we’ve observed two clear trends—data volumes are growing rapidly and data latencies are quickly shrinking as users expect fresh, accurate data to be available in near real time. As these trends evolve, the traditional bulk processing approach is doomed to fail. The solution of choice is to change the processing paradigm and work with the data that changed, which in many cases is a fraction of the source data. This paradigm is based on Change Data Capture (CDC), a technology that reduces costs and enables improvement of data timeliness, quality and consistency. We’ll go through the practical approach and use an ETL tool in conjunction with OpenEdge CDC, Data Replication and Master Data Management.

Sitefinity Stream:

Optimising the CX: your hands on journey to personalisation (with data driven insights)

Join Ivailo Ivanov, Sr Mgr, Product Management, Progress’ expert on Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) and Customer Experience Management. During this workshop, Ivailo will guide you through the highly acclaimed benefits of DEC and how you can solve a myriad of business problems that will lift your brand and CX to the next level. You'll have hands-on experience leveraging this powerful tool, to then further analyse and create a plan for customising and optimising a refined customer experience journey.

Conference Concludes

* Workshops require all attendees to bring their own lapttop.

Venue & Travel


Hilton Sydney Hotel

This landmark hotel is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD at 488 George Street. Take advantage of our $309 AUD discounted rate for Progress Exchange attendees only. Bookings must be made before 7 July 2017. Book now

Ground Transportation

The Hilton Hotel is only 50m from Town Hall railway station and just 30 minutes from Sydney International and Domestic airports. Taxi/Uber is the quickest transportation.


The closet domestic/international airport is Sydney, Australia (SYD).

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