Track touchpoints and measure conversion rate uplift


A simple, yet useful method to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts on your site is to measure marketing conversion rate uplift. Marketing conversion rate uplift helps you understand how key engagement points on your site affect visitors’ conversion. Engagement points are called touchpoints. A touchpoint represents an interaction visitors complete, or hit, on your site. It is any digital asset or interaction marketing executives want to track.

What is important when measuring conversion rate uplift is not only whether visitors hit a touchpoint but whether this interaction increases conversion rate for a certain conversion. That is, if visitors who hit the touchpoint have a higher conversion rate than the average for the visitor segment that the conversion targets.

Types of touchpoints

Depending on whether you consider a touchpoint relevant to the success of your conversion tracking reports, there are 3 types of touchpoints:

Type of touchpoint  Description 
 Tracked Touchpoints for which you get daily reports and analyze in relation to specific conversions.
NOTE: These touchpoints can be both auto-discovered and touchpoints you defined from scratch.
Auto-discovered  After you define any conversion, Sitefinity Insight automatically discovers and lists the top touchpoints that can increase the success of the particular conversion. For more information, see Conversion and uplift reports.
NOTE: You get statistics about auto-discovered touchpoints straight away. On the other hand, if you define a touchpoint from scratch, you need to wait a day for data to be accumulated and conversion rate uplift reports - calculated.
Hidden  Touchpoints that you do not consider relevant to any conversion at the moment. You can always stop hiding the touchpoints and start tracking them for a particular conversion.
NOTE: You can hide only auto-discovered touchpoints.

For more information, see Manage touchpoints.

Touchpoints influence to conversion rate uplift

You can leverage touchpoints data in the following ways:

  • Discover what makes a conversion successful and improve the conversion rate by tracking top touchpoints
    For each conversion you define, Sitefinity Insight provides you with a list of top touchpoints. That is, the system auto-discovers and lists the touchpoints that historically:
    • Uplift the most this particular conversion
    • Result in the most visitors that hit this touchpoint and then converted as per the conversion definition

    You can directly start tracking each of these touchpoints and get daily reports about performance and attribution. For more information, see Conversion and uplift reports.

  • Define new touchpoints from scratch
    You may consider a particular digital asset of great importance and want to check whether making this resource more prominent influences positively the conversion rate of a particular conversion. You simply define a new touchpoint that involves this resource to measure whether your investment is worth the effort.
    For more information, see Define touchpoints.

Once you have this type of information, you can:

  • Understand impact of touchpoints and digital assets and which ones influence visitors and conversions rate uplift the most
  • Get more insight about who your visitors are and what are their behaviors
  • Know which channels and touchpoints work best and are producing positive result
  • Combine and update conversion definitions
  • Optimize campaigns

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